Accounting & bookkeepers: Make life easier with integrated accounting software package

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

26 August 2016

How Arthur’s integration with Xero’s accounting software package makes lives of accountants and bookkeepers easier.

For over three years, Arthur Online has been making management simple for property owners and now allows over 28,000 units to be managed worldwide. Lots of our clients have large complicated portfolios which result in the lives of their accountants and bookkeepers often being strained and tiring. To address this issue in a simple, effective and powerful way, we decided that an integration with a world class accounting software package was needed. We thought long and hard about with whom we should integrate and finally it was clear, there was only one. We chose Xero. This “beautiful accounting” software package was the perfect fit for Arthur: simple, sleek and life altering.


From Zero to Xero

With a software marketplace saturated with accountancy software, Xero stood out from the rest and was a particularly good fit with Arthur. Cloud based and available on the web or via the app, you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

One of the key attractions is the ability to quickly pay of rents and produce full accounts by virtue of its automated bank feed functionality.

As Xero is a complete accounting software package, it includes all the features you would expect, but in a simple, intuitive way. With Xero’s accounting package, you can: create and send invoices and track when they are opened; create purchase orders and copy to bills for payment; and claim and approve expenses at the touch of a button. Xero allows photos of receipts to be taken, which are recognised and put into their rightful place within your setup.


The Synchronisation

The best way to describe the integration between Arthur and Xero is a conversation.  The synchronisation between the two allows information to flow both ways, meaning that doubling up on transaction entry is a thing of the past.

Arthur acts as a feed into Xero for all charges regarding your client’s property portfolio. In Xero, receipts can be allocated, automatic rent reconciliations completed and property balance sheets created. Furthermore, any non-property related charges that are still related to the business can be added to Xero.  As you can imagine, this makes life a lot simpler.

Check out Arthur’s webinar for Xero Summer of Apps here.

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Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

26 August 2016


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