That's how Property Management software should make you feel

  • A revolutionary platform with a suite of apps that connects you with Tenants, Agents, Owners, Contractors and Accountants
  • Technology that puts you at the centre, with an unprecedented level of control
  • It's seamless property management
  • Instant, informative, responsive and scalable technology
  • Trusted by partners, e.g.: Integration with Xero and Arthur Integration with Quickbooks and Arthur


The pipe burst • That rent payment has been missed • The paperwork needs a signature • The accountants need those figures •
We can`t reduce those moving parts but we can bring them together on one platform.

Social Housing



Student Housing


Holiday Lets

Rent 2 Rents

Single Lets

A helpful, friendly platform helping you to respond instantly and solve problems faster.

What is Arthur?

It's technology. It's an unprecedented level of control. But most of all, it's sanity in a world where you're being pulled in a million and one directions

It brings the "many" together • Everything in one place • At one time • On one platform • It takes the impossible and makes it possible.

Who is Arthur?

Arthur is an independent, private company founded by property professionals who recognized that at every point on the property management compass there's a person who can make your life easier • A team member • A tenant • A contractor • An owner • An agent • An accountant.

Arthur provides everyone of those people a tool to connect and communicate with you and, where appropriate, each other.

Property Manager Software Dashboard

The Community

So many stakeholders • So many different agendas • And they all want something from you • Technology that helps meet all their different needs, wants and desires with you at the centre.


It enables your tenants


Access to all aspects of their tenancy including documentation and rental statements.

Peace of mind

The ability to track the progress of a raised issue.

Share documents

Share important files with the property manager.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Tenant User Guide

Tenants Mobile App


Everything needed to get the job done


Ability to track the workorder to completion.


The ability to generate quotes and issue invoices.

Share documents

Access and upload documents.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Contractor User Guide

Contractors Mobile App

Property Manager

Stay in control on-the-go


Arthur's unique dashboard will give you an up-to-date snapshot of what is going on in your portfolio.


Have control over who sees what in your management team.*Available on Enterprise

Automate your tasks and communications

Get Arthur to carry out your day-to-day tasks and communications. Arthur is an app designed to make your life easier.

Financial control

Arthur can handle tenant and client accounting whilst integrating with Xero and Quickbooks.

White Label

Add your own logo and colors to appear on your tenants' accounts. *Available on Professional & Enterprise

Property Manager Mobile App


A viewing gallery for peace of mind

Shared documents

Access and upload documents.

Approve quotes

Easy approval of quotes.

Track workorders

Viewing the progress of an issue.

View statements

Access to online statements.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Owner User Guide

Property Owners Mobile App

Letting Agents

It enables your agents

Shared documents

Access and upload documents.

Share viewings

Keep any interested parties informed about the viewings.

Mail Merge

Mail merge with property manager’s tenancy agreements.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Property Manager Mobile App

The Unfair Advantage

Property management is impossibly competitive. So how can you stand out from the crowd?

Arthur`s technology can help you do just that.

  • Improves efficiency and decreases your stress
  • It enables you to be quicker, sharper and much more professional
  • Reduces the number of people required to manage
  • Increases your revenue and profitability

And so you’re more organised, more in touch and more mobile, and you’re working at an advantage •
Granted, it’s not a fair advantage • But all’s fair in love and war.

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What makes Arthur different?

As a property manager you spend your day balancing, juggling, tap dancing and chasing.
Arthur has the extraordinary ability to take the enormously complex and make it incredibly simple.

Connected community

Connecting you to your team, tenants, contractors, agents, owners; improving relationships for all during the tenancy.

Caters for all portfolio types

From residential through to commercial and all the variations in between. Scaleable to meet the largest portfolios.

Mobile app`s rich in function

Offering exceptional levels of functionality and control while on the go for you and your community.

Integrations e.g Xero

Designed as best of breed able to connect to other chosen software. Avoiding double entry and improving efficiency.


Software that fits with your needs and not the other way around. Customize your processes and automate your communication. Core to making your life easier.

Online help

You`re never alone. We pride ourselves on customer support and are surrounded by property experts from book keepers to virtual property managers.

Powerful Integrations

Connect Arthur to your favourite applications

Arthur works seamlessly with popular applications such as Xero, Zapier and many more

Extend Arthur functionality

Connect Arthur to your favourite applications

How technology changes the way we work

Businesses that are making use of Arthur`s global screen

  • Bookkeepers and Accountants with multiple clients
  • Virtual property managers handling multiple clients
  • Agents handling large portfolio owners

Innovative business models come from innovative technology.

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Arthur Property Management Global Switch

Arthur is enabling
78,379 properties to be managed worldwide

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