"Without Arthur I would have either had to be on-call for all my tenants or have to employ several people to manage my portfolio"

Arpit Patel
Director, Bespoke Landlord Services


Finding Occupants & Onboarding

  • Find occupants easily with one-click vacancy posting to Zoopla, OnTheMarket, RightMove and Boomin
  • Speed up the onboarding process by allowing potential occupants to easily apply online with bespoke forms
  • Manage viewings with our intuitive scheduler
  • Tenant referencing and credit checks with Advanced Tenant Referencing, TransUnion and Homeppl


  • Communicate with your tenants seamlessly via dedicated apps, email and text
  • Store all vital documents securely in the cloud and access them easily for maximum convenience
  • Send alerts and reminders to your occupants
  • Search well-organised audit trails of all communication to minimise time spent on disputes

Financial Management

  • Manage any rent schedule with a flexible payment module
  • Send automated rent reminders via the Occupant App to minimise arrears
  • Reconcile rent payments with invoices and manage all financial information via integrations with Xero
  • Benefit from having a fully integrated live bank feed within the software

Daily Management

  • Use the automated events feature to keep everything up to date
  • Handle all issues, communicate with all stakeholders and easily access vital documents in one place
  • Decrease void periods with better tenant and property management
  • Manage multiple portfolios with designated access and permissions functionality should you have numerous property managers
  • Scheduling tasks for a future date to ensure efficient management

Deposits & Compliance

  • Store deposit registration information and share relevant documents with your occupants
  • Handle deductions and returns
  • Keep track of registered deposit amounts
  • Stay on top of changing regulations with fully compliant software updates

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Tenants can easily report issues with their own Occupant App
  • Pass work orders on to contractors and keep track of work progress with the Contractor App
  • Automated workflows and processes to minimise the risk of human error
  • Integration with Fixflo allows you to reduce your response times and increase tenant satisfaction
  • Create automatic responses to common tenant issues to save valuable time