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By Arthur Online

22 April 2024

Arthur – the new landlord software for mobile and web that changes the way landlords and tenants communicate

The new Arthur landlord software for web and mobile has been devised by a group of buy to let Landlords who saw a need for better communication with their tenants. They have developed a suite of apps to better manage their property portfolios and their relationships with their tenants.

Communication between tenants and landlords has long been an issue of contention. Tenants often complain about landlords being slow to respond and landlords complain about tenants being too demanding.

“As a part time Landlord and a co-founder of Arthur I used to look at renting out my properties as doing the tenant a favour. I saw any complaints or issues raised as an irritation. Especially if I was on holiday and a call or text came through with a problem”, says Marc Trup, co-founder of Arthur.

“I suddenly realised that I was looking at it all wrong, my tenants were actually my customers and I knew that if my portfolio was to continue to grow I would have to apply different business principles to ensure tenant retention. I started to look at things from my tenants’ point of view and worked out what I could do to add value to their experience and make the communication about every aspect of the landlord/tenant relationship more efficient on both sides”. says Trup

With rising rents and falling yields wise landlords need to switch on to the fact that it’s a tenant’s market. The customer experience is key for retention and an easy to use app that provides a quick response from the landlord/property manager makes for a happy tenant who is more likely to renew their lease. The aim of the app is to give tenants a sense of reassurance about how their Landlord or property manager runs their business.

Three years in the making, the Arthur app covers all aspects of the tenant/landlord experience, with different sections for documents, utilities, reporting issues, tracking issue resolution, messages between contractors, landlords and tenants, and a section for renewing or ending the tenancy.

The app enables tenants to access documents related to their tenancy and property, together with their financial statement, utility and inventory information. But above all it gives the tenant the ability to raise and track an issue to completion.

The tenant app has been extremely well received by tenants:

“I’ve rented before and never been given an app during my tenancy. It`s very cool and makes it so easy to report issues, and to communicate with the landlord”

“I can track my issue which reassures me I am being listened to”

“Being a student I lose paper work so access to my documents was great”

“Arthur was designed and built for the web and mobile platforms. No system out there will offer such a feature rich mobile application on an interactive platform. The interactive nature of Arthur means property managers and landlords can provide web and mobile interfaces to their tenants, contractors, agents and owners”, says Trup.


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Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024


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