Fancy a European city getaway this summer?

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024

Arthur’s Top 5 European city getaways this summer!

It’s only August – whatever the great British weather is saying, summer certainly isn’t over yet. Whether you’ve already splashed the cash on a lavish summer holiday, or you’re yet to leave the country, why not check out Arthur’s suggestions for this summer’s top 5 (long) weekend getaway spots in Europe. [Hint – they may not necessarily be your classic summer holiday destinations.]

1. Edinburgh

Yes, it may not seem like a very exotic getaway… but it’s surprising how many Brits still haven’t thought about visiting this vibrant city, which is so rich with history. Renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Edinburgh is full of stunning architectural detail. What is more, it is a centre of huge cultural variety. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the biggest arts festival in the world, running over three weeks in 2017 from August 4th – 28th. Why not see if you can head up in time to catch some of the world-class performances?


2. Copenhagen

Set on a gorgeous harbour, Copenhagen’s eclectic mix of modernist buildings and palaces is perfect to explore just one way – by bike! This European getaway gives amazing precedence to this mode of travel. Nearly all the streets are equipped with wide bicycle lanes, making cycling the most efficient way to explore. In recent years, Copenhagen’s culinary scene has really taken off with a keen focus on local Danish produce. Make sure you try their open rye bread sandwiches!


3. Dublin

The home of Ireland’s beloved Guinness, Dublin is a bustling modern city with a recent and tumultuous past. This makes it array of museums and galleries really worth visiting if you fancy finding out more about Irish capital’s past. It is well known that Dublin is a city praised for its abundant pub culture. So what better place to begin a weekend getaway in Dublin than a tour of the Guinness Store House dating back to 1759.


4.  Vienna

Musically speaking, Vienna is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. It was home to the great composers Mozart and Beethoven, making it an incredibly attractive destination for any classical music lovers who may wish to visit some of the cities critically acclaimed concert halls or opera venues. The mix of coffee houses, quaint wine bars and flea markets are in their own right a great reason to visit Austria’s capital.


5. Oslo

Norway’s capital is nearly always thought of as freezing, but in the summer months the weather can be quite pleasant, making it a great time to explore! Whilst Scandinavian countries are notoriously expensive, the flights to Oslo during the summer time are quite cheap, with returns coming in at under £50 if you book on the right weekend. The city is known for its extensive green spaces. Admittedly whilst you may not have the time to visit the breathtaking fjords during a weekend getaway, they can still be seen from a ski jumping hill in the city known as Holmenhollbakken. Like Copenhagen, Oslo’s foodie scene is thriving thanks to some world-class restaurants. Best book in advance!

So, why not make the most of the rest of your summer with a weekend break in one of these 5 (slightly off the beaten track) European cities!?

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024


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