Keep your home cool in this summer’s hot weather!

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024

We have to admit it, us Brits aren’t great at coping with hot weather. The recent heat wave, and promise of more heat in the coming summer months, has led us at Arthur to seek out the 10 best solutions to keeping cool in your home!

1. Open up windows and prop open doors

Air flow is key! Even if there’s just a little breeze, opening up doors and windows can really help to get the air circulating your home, ultimately making it feel less stifling.

2. Avoid long, hot showers

Whilst it might feel initially unpleasant, a freezing cold shower will definitely cool you down after a long, hard days at work, leaving you more prepared to face the humid night ahead.

3. Keep things bright

Painting  your outside, and inside, walls white can help to reflect heat – hence why they do it in so many mediterranean countries. Keeping your furniture and accessories light in colour can make your indoor space feel more open, and less stuffy in the hot weather. Light coloured furniture might be something to consider in outdoor space too.

4. Plant plant plant!

Trees, climbers and shrubs in your front and back garden can help to create shade on your walls and keep your home cooler, as well as providing shady outdoor space.

5. Makeshift air-con

A bowl of icy cold water in front of a standard desk fan will make the air feel extra cool as the ice evaporates.

6. Don’t use the oven

Hot food will make you feel even hotter in the hot weather, there’s no doubt about it. What is more, the oven being on all afternoon will certainly add to the heat in your kitchen. So ditch the roasts, and go for a variety of cold salads this weekend!

7. Keep the sun out

Blinds or light curtains will help to keep indoor space as shady as possible. (Blinds are often the better option if you’re in need of a draft)

8. Ditch the duvet!

Temporarily get rid of any unnecessary bedding, cushions, rugs, throws etc. around your home. Cotton sheets are the way forward when you need a comfortable night sleep during hot weather.

9. Turn off your devices

Maybe it’s time to start that summer novel…? All appliances give off heat, even if it’s minimal. Your television is a top culprit!

10. Freezer tricks

Have you ever thought of freezing your bed sheets before? Well, if times get desperate in this hot weather, stick your sheets in a plastic bag and freeze them for the hour before you go to bed. Whilst it won’t last all night, it can certainly help cool your bedroom down whilst you’re trying to get to sleep.

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024


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