Market-leading digital solutions to help you streamline your property management

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

29 July 2021

Managing a profile of properties can be time-consuming and can become quite costly. The use of digital solutions in property management has created a new dynamic for property managers, whether they manage only a few properties or many properties. These digital solutions offer a way to streamline the property management process across the tenancy journey. 

Integration with software such as Xero and Made Snappy provides property managers with digital ways of elevating their business and improving their processes. Proptech solutions can provide seamless control over financial management, tenant referencing, virtual viewings, digital signatures and more. Seamless control means that businesses can maximise efficiency, while keeping errors to a minimum.


Financial Management

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Financial management can be supported by software such as Xero, a global leader in accounting software. Rental transactions and expenses can easily be reconciled at any moment. Errors are also minimised as multiple entries are corrected in the system. Furthermore, information will be synchronized so that information is current and up to date. 

The integration with Xero will also mean that live cash flows can be managed and viewed at any time. Xero offers a wide range of services that businesses can utilise to manage and keep track of their financials. When integrated with a property management software platform, managing finances is made simple and gives your business even more potential to grow. The integration with Xero provides a seamless way for businesses to create invoices, pay bills, complete sales tax returns, complete reporting and more. 


Digital Signatures

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Digital signatures are essential for property managers, especially when sending over lease agreements or other important documents. Using digital signatures will elevate your business and professionalise the documents that are sent to tenants or others. 

Signable, a digital signature software, provides multiple benefits for property managers. The software allows businesses to avoid postal costs and delays as documents can be sent electronically. It also allows businesses to keep track of documents that have been signed and determine whether the recipient (or recipients) have signed documents on their end.


Virtual Viewings

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A virtual viewing platform will also help to elevate your business as tenants are more likely to show interest in a property that they can view clearly. 

Creating a 360 degree view of each room being advertised will build trust with prospective tenants. They will be getting an accurate view of what the property has to offer.

Made Snappy, a virtual viewing software, will improve the viewer’s experience and capture their interest in properties. Standard 2D images of the property can be misleading and create an improper representation of the space or area of a property. This may lead to fewer sales and wasted time on in-person viewings.


Tenant Referencing

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Tenant referencing software will make it simpler for property managers to screen their potential tenants by completing accurate credit checks.

This is beneficial for property managers as it minimises the likelihood of late rent payments from tenants with comprehensive screening. It will also help with identifying tenants that cannot afford the rent of their requested properties. 

TransUnion (formerly called Call Credit) is a software platform that allows property managers to access and evaluate a potential tenant’s ability to pay their rent quickly and efficiently. This comprehensive check gives property managers an accurate picture of their potential tenants within seconds. This digital solution streamlines business processes so that they can spend less time on tedious admin and more time on what really matters. 



Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

29 July 2021


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