Eight cities cheaper than renting a Wimbledon three-bed

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

02 May 2016

As the final rapidly approaches in SW19, Arthur takes a look at what you could get for the average cost of a three-bed rental in the fashionable west-London district.

A Wimbledon three-bed rental property will, on average, cost you around £2758 pcm. It’s not bad considering that in Central London you will be looking at around £5200 pcm. But, what else could you get for the same money around the country? Or even around the continent?


The city of love. Here a three-bed rental in Central Paris will be around £1900pcm. But, for more than £300 less than your Wimbledon three-bed, you could be residing in a modern four-bed flat, with three bathroom and your own personal roof terrace. Not too bad for $2400 pcm.


This might be sounding like a safe bet now that Britain has decided to leave the E.U. It may also start making a lot of financial sense: for just £768 pcm, you could be living in a three-bed rental in the German capital. But, if you wanted to upgrade, you could get a nice modern property with period features, sporting five bedrooms and a roof terrace. A steal at £2180 pcm.


Compared to your Wimbledon three-bed, you will only be paying £965 a month. But, why would you settle for that when you could have a five-bed detached house, in a gated community with a nice double garage? At £2500 pcm, there’s even some spending money left over!


Often referred to as Britain’s second city, you’ll have a lot of extra cash lying around if you move out of your Wimbledon three-bed. The same type of property will only cost you around £840 pcm. If you want to upsize, though, you could always go for a seven-bed detached house, with a gated drive, three reception rooms and a bar! All for £2500 pcm.


You may be able to see a better quality of international football living here, but what about housing? Well your Wimbledon three-bed is a tad more expensive, with a similar property costing £933 pcm in Cardiff. However, for similar money to your Wimbledon rent, you could live in a luxurious newly refurbed mid-terrace with eight bedrooms. Lot’s of room for your friends to crash after you’ve been supporting your new football team!


The beautiful Scottish capital will soon be overrun for their world renowned comedy festival. But, as the Scottish Independence debate rears its head again, Edinburgh is being coveted by those that believe Scotland will be able to cut a deal with the E.U. Slightly more expensive than other areas, a three-bed rental will cost £1290 pcm (still around £1500 less than Wimbledon). Although, you could be living in a lovely second floor flat, with five double bedrooms and that essential mod-con…WiFi included! All this could be yours for only £2500 pcm.


With application forms for Irish citizenship running out following Brexit, you might be looking to move to Belfast. For a three-bed rental in the capital, you’ll be looking at around the £850 pcm mark. Not bad. But, if you wanted to, you could live in a seven bed detached house, with four reception rooms, period features and 0.4 acres of land.


Food for thought.


Important: All prices are correct at the time of publication.


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Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

02 May 2016


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