Arthur’s top picks from the UK’s safest cities!

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By Arthur Online

22 April 2024

Arthur takes a look at property in some of the UK’s safest cities…

Here in the UK, we’re lucky enough to live in such a safe society that we often don’t have to think twice about our security. However, some places are obviously safer than others. Have you ever wondered where they might be? The following places are Arthur’s top pick from Provident Personal Credit’s most recent survey about Britain’s safest places to live….

1. Chelmsford – Score 7.18 (Joint 14th safest city)

The county town of Essex, 32 miles northeast of Charing Cross is a commuter hub that’s gaining popularity. The small city has excellent shopping facilities on offer, an abundance of nightlife and some good tourist attractions. In the past year house prices in Chelmsford were up 10pc on the year before and 29pc up on 2013 when they averaged £243,853. The average semi-detached property goes for £345,391. If you’re considering expanding your property portfolio, it’s prime time to invest in this commuter haven.


2. Norwich – Score 7.18 (Joint 14th safest city)

This East Anglian city is the safest in the region. Believe it or not, Norwich was actually the second largest city after London in 11th century England and in 2012 it was designated as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Literature. It’s a popular city break destination and is home to one of the largest outdoor markets in England. House prices in Norwich are pretty much in sync with the UK average at just over £213,000. Norwich house prices were up 5pc on the year before and 16pc up on 2007 when they averaged just over £184,056.


3. Aberdeen – Score 7.51 (Safest city in Scotland)

Also known as the “Granite City” for its many grey-stone buildings, Aberdeen is a port city in northeastern Scotland. It is home to a number of events and festivals, particularly in the field of performing arts, making it a great cultural hub. House prices are below UK national average by quite a long way in Aberdeen, making it a cheap place to invest in property.


4. Oxford – Score 7.26

Oxford is a gorgeous city home to the world-renowned Oxford University. It is no wonder, therefore, that house prices in this student city are quite a way above the UK average. Overall sold prices in Oxfordshire county over the last year were 5pc up on the previous year and 21pc up on the 2013 level of £321,608. Rental property is certainly in demand in Oxford, especially amongst students. This famous town is certainly somewhere to consider expand your property portfolio in the way of student property.


5. Aberystwyth – Score 8.3 (Britain’s safest city!)

Aberystwyth is the place in Britain where residents are most likely to say “hello” to each other on the street. This friendly Welsh seaside town is a hit with holidaymakers every summer and boast some gorgeous luxury holiday homes just outside of the town centre. Even though its population is just over 13,000, it even has its own university! Aberystwyth would be a lovely place to invest in a holiday home that could be rented out and reap rewards during peak season.


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Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024


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