Zero Carbon Homes To Be Introduced From 2016

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

05 June 2014

The British Government has committed to new green standards, which will require all new houses to be “zero-carbon” from 2016.

However, as highlighted in the recent Queen’s Speech, the legislation will contemplate exemptions from the new measures, to encourage the construction of new houses.

More specifically, houses built in small developments will not be subject to such environmental measures and it will be possible to build new houses without conforming to “zero-carbon” standards. The latter will have to keep their level of emission at least 44% under 2006 levels.

Moreover, their carbon emissions will have to be paid up, by investing in alternative green measures (‘allowable solutions’) between £38 and £90, per tonne of carbon.

These allowable solutions are, in fact, supposed to be more versatile and convenient measures for builders.

As discussed in August 2013, builders are encouraged to take action either directly, or by stipulating agreements with providers to supply allowable solutions for them, or even by funding projects which respect their obligations towards zero carbon emissions.

Minister Stephen Williams said:

“With each of the three major political parties committed to increasing the number of homes built, and in some cases more than doubling it, the effect of ensuring these homes are zero carbon will be absolutely massive in environmental terms.”

As the Government aims to encourage the building of new houses while simultaneously adopting new environmental legislation, contractors find themselves in need of organisational skills and the ability to adjust to new requirements, while fulfilling the rising demand.

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Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

05 June 2014


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