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Arthur 2015 Review: Changes & What to Expect in 2016

Arthur News, Press Releases January 4th, 2016
Arthur 2015 Review: Changes & What to Expect in 2016

2015 has been an extremely exciting year for Arthur. The software has continued to evolve and grow, and we will continue listening to customers for any further recommendations.

In summer, Arthur saw a new and updated user experience software system, which streamlined and improved the software. The experience whilst using the software is now much more pleasant and streamlined, and we hope that any other customers with any recommendations will know that we, at Arthur, are always open to new ideas for it.


In autumn, Arthur saw the integration of Xero, a financial accounting software system. This integration is specifically designed to take the best parts of both system to ensure complete accounting and property management functions right from your mobile app. All aspects of an individual property investor or company can now oversee all their finances, not just their property/tenant transactions. This includes loans, mortgages, building costs, admin costs, payroll costs, and credit card bills. Now, using Arthur, all property finances can be managed at the palm of your hand – anywhere, anytime.


Autumn also saw our integration with Zoopla, the one of the largest online residential property marketplaces. Now users can integrate their property details with a Zoopla account. Not only does this increase property exposure to potential tenants/buyers, but it also reduces the administration workload in uploading property details, which is always a tedious process!

Lastly, during this winter, Arthur saw an improvement to its front end system (check it out here). The website is now far easier to navigate for our customers and includes all necessary tutorials, videos, and FAQs for anyone seeking additional online help. We will also continue to provide Skype tutorials for those that are struggling to use the software to its full capability.

How Will Arthur Continue to Grow in 2016?

2016 will see Arthur continue to update its software and continue to improve the user experience. We have some very exciting changes coming in 2016, which will be announced over the coming months. Customers are at the very heart of what we do, and we reiterate that we are always open to any suggestions, just email us at

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