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Arthur Online Virtual Manager Accreditation

Press Releases November 22nd, 2017
Arthur Online Virtual Manager Accreditation

Arthur Online is happy to announce our new Virtual Manager Accreditation course!

Managing property can be hard work. For many, property is not a full time job, nor is it their intention for it ever to be; this group is what is known as ‘accidental landlords’. In the U.K., this group has been increasing in size across the past decade or so. This has led to new business opportunities for those looking to manage property

Furthermore, in a world where everything is connected and workforce’s are spread throughout the world, there has been an increase in Virtual Managers for all sorts of businesses. With the increase in property management software’s, virtual managers throughout the world began to realise there was a gap in the market. Now, via property management software, property portfolio’s can be managed from remote locations, by anyone. They can charge a lot less than a traditional managing agent and still do 90% of the things needed. Whilst this makes life very easy for landlords, there is always the fear that their virtual manager does not know what they are doing. This is where Arthur Online’s Virtual Manager Accreditation course comes in.

As a leading property management software, we felt it was only right that we should ensure our customers are getting market leading help from their virtual managers. Arthur accredited virtual manager providers have to complete training and reach a minimum standard before being rewarded the title. This will ensure that any customer whom should use them, will be assured they know what they are doing.

David Cummin C.T.O of Arthur comments “I’ve been working in the tech industry for longer than I’d care to say and it never ceases to amaze me. This new trend, of  virtual managers, looks like it is here to stay. There has long been virtual assistants based across the world, but now people are going one step further. We want our customers to have the best experience possible, so making sure virtual managers knew what they were doing seemed like a no brainer!”


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