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5 Tools that Should be Seen in Every Builder’s Toolbox

Industry Insight July 10th, 2014
5 Tools that Should be Seen in Every Builder’s Toolbox

With such a huge choice of tools on the market these days, it can often be difficult to know what should be in your toolbox. So, here at Arthur, we have come up with the 5 essential tools that every builder should be armed with.

1) Hammer – an absolute must-have for every builder, with one end to hammer nails in, and the other to pull nails out. Most construction jobs need a decent hammer and some nails, and although there may be fancy options on the market, the low-tech option wins every time.

2)  Tape measure – accurate measuring is important for every job you do to prevent any hassle in the long-run. The recommended size of tape measure is ¾ inch wide and 16 foot long.

3)  Screwdriver and screws – there are many different types of screwdrivers nowadays, and whilst electric screwdrivers and the like are effective, you shouldn’t be without the traditional, trusty flathead or philips head version.

4)  Saw – most jobs require cutting materials to the correct length and angle (n.b. this is where the tape measure comes in handy). We recommend circular saws, as they’re the most portable, and you can buy specialised saw blades for them that cut through wood, metal or plastic.

5) Power drill – you wouldn’t get very far without a power drill by your side. Used for drilling holes in sheets of metal, brick walls, wood frames etc, they are a key tool for your box. They come mainly in two varieties, one with a power cord, one with batteries.

These tried and tested tools may be vital for every builder’s toolbox, but there’s one other tool that you need to be aware of. Arthur.

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