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Arthur Online integrated into new student accommodation website

Industry Insight December 20th, 2019
Arthur Online integrated into new student accommodation website

Turner Property has recently launched a new student and professional accommodation website. The website utilises the recently launched Arthur Online API.

The website caters for students at Reading University as well as professional sharers.

Users are able to search for available accommodation and a map search allows users to view all the available properties.

The properties are all available properties within a certain postcode area. The next phase of the website will expand on this to show every property, either available, let or new refurbished properties.

The back end of the website uses a plugin to sync with Arthur Online on a specific schedule, either daily, hourly or as little as every 15 minutes. Property images can be displayed straight from Arthur Online or there is an option to save the images to the website database.

A neat feature with this website is the ability to showcase at both property level or unit level. The website has also made good use of custom fields throughout, including on the property map.

A more in-depth case study about the website and Arthur Online integration can be found on the Servon Design website. The website can be viewed at

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