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Arthur’s 8 Quick & Easy Home Improvement Ideas

Industry Insight October 15th, 2016
Arthur’s 8 Quick & Easy Home Improvement Ideas

Sprucing up a property can often feel like more hassle than it’s worth, but Arthur’s 8 home improvement ideas are quick, easy and cheap and are sure to make a huge difference to your property.

Evidence shows that even small home improvements can really boost the value of a property and rental yields, not to mention that they’ll keep the tenants happy! Consider some of these improvement ideas this weekend!

1. Give the fireplace some attention

Does your fireplace add any aesthetic to the room? If not, a quick paint job can make a huge improvement. Try using tones that compliment the colours of the walls and furniture, but don’t be afraid to be bold and make your fireplace stand out as a central feature. Choosing good quality paint is essential if your fireplace is majority brickwork. Arthur would recommend using a masonry paint. This simple home improvement can totally re-vamp a living room, making it look modern and stylish in just a few hours.

2. Accessorise the entrance

First impressions are important, right? We at Arthur think so. Generally, the front door is the first thing you see at a property viewing and more often than not, front doors and porches are in need of some tender love and care. An improvement such as a lick of paint on the door can go a long way. Why not make the property stand out from the rest of the street by using a bold colour? A pale minty green or a deep teal can look gorgeous if done right. Consider installing a porch light and making sure the house number is clearly visible.

3. Professionally clean carpets

Replacing carpets throughout an entire property can be an expensive job, so why not give them a few more years life with a professional clean? Costs generally range from £25-£55 for a room (dependent on size), so it isn’t a huge investment, but it can certainly make a big difference to the appearance of the property. Tough stains will be removed, leaving carpets more hygienic and the room feeling brighter.

4. Spruce up any outdoor space

A garden in a state of ruin doesn’t add much value to a property. A couple of simple improvement ideas can completely change the feel of any outdoor space. Make sure the paint on walls and railings isn’t peeling. Consider pressure washing a patio floor and spend an afternoon de-weeding so that it looks neat. A few potted plants and flowers can never go a miss – plus they’re easy to care for so don’t cause any hassle. Check out Arthur’s outdoor improvements article for more info!

5. Install a bathroom vent fan

Many student rental properties have extra bathrooms squeezed in left right an centre so as to maintain a good bathroom to bedroom ratio. Often these bathrooms are small, windowless and poorly ventilated. In order to avoid having problems with mould, Arthur suggests installing a bathroom vent fan so as to avoid having to re-paint every 6 months. The installation cost for a bathroom extractor fan can be as little as £130 and will save you more money and hassle in the long run.

6. Lighting

Everyone loves a bright room! Making sure that bulbs are bright enough (high wattage) and the right colour (Kelvin scale) is easy and can make a room feel totally different. In rooms with less natural light, consider going for a whiter light with a high wattage. Nobody likes a naked bulb…. stylish lampshades can be cheap to come by and easy to put up, making the room a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

7. Reduce heat loss and prevent draughts

Keep your tenants happy through the winter with some seasonal secondary glazing film on windows and glass doors. This is a great solution for older properties that don’t have double glazing throughout and at around £7 per metre, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than replacing the windows and you may even be able to use part of a home improvement loan (more information) to this end.

8. Tile the backsplash

Give the kitchen a new burst of life without replacing any of the core installations. Tiling a backsplash can give a kitchen a funky twist – especially if you pick some nice bright or patterned tiles – as well as add to the longevity of the paintwork. Tiles are easy to wipe down and avoid splashes and spillages up the walls.

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