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Bogus Tradesmen Duping Householders

Industry Insight July 8th, 2014
Bogus Tradesmen Duping Householders

How Our Property Management Software Helps Both Landlords and Contractors

Police in the Borders is planning on launching its ‘Nominated Neighbour Scheme’, as over the past few years dozens of people have fallen victims of bogus workmen who showed up at their doors.

Their scheme aims mostly to protect elderly people, who are more likely to be targeted as scam victims because of their vulnerability. With the Nominated Neighbour Scheme, elderly and vulnerable people can designate a neighbour to accept doorstep calls on their behalf.

“Doorstep crime can affect anyone within our local communities, but we are aware that in particular the over 60s can be targeted due to a perceived vulnerability” said Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson.

However, each and every householder, regardless of their age, should be careful about whom they let into their houses; some rogue tradesmen can be extremely convincing and their appearance deceptive, even for the most attentive householder.

Contractors, on the other hand, should always seek direct and transparent communication with landlords or tenants, and make sure that everyone is aware of their activity in order to avoid such scams.

Our online property management software can help landlords, tenants and contractors by providing them with a secure and efficient communication system.

Arthur Online also has its own database for contractors, where they can sign up and find jobs advertised for them by landlords, property managers or letting agents. This makes it easier for them to get more work within a system that is safe for everyone involved.

If you are a contractor, tradesman or woman that wants more work. Arthur can help you. Register today and get your first six months for free!

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