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Contractors, Make Missed Calls and Missed Opportunities A Thing of the Past

Industry Insight August 15th, 2014
Contractors, Make Missed Calls and Missed Opportunities A Thing of the Past

It’s part of the job that tradesmen have to manage their business on the go and often on location at different jobs, but what is it costing tradesmen when they can’t keep on top of their calls?

Everreach, who provide services for small businesses, conducted a survey of over 250 small businesses in the UK, across a variety of trades including electricians, plumbers and builders. The aim of the survey was to find out the real cost of missing calls for contractors, in terms of lost revenue.

In nominal terms, because builders charge the most per job, missing calls on the job means that builders stand to lose the most money by not being able to effectively manage their calls. Builders, who are charging on average £2000 a job, have the potential to lose up to £1000 worth of business a week, according to the survey.

It was found that 72% of tradesmen surveyed worry about the prospect of losing out on work if they aren’t able to answer their phone. Further to this, 4 out of 5 tradesmen surveyed admitted to being tempted to answer their phone at work even if they were in an unsafe situation, such as up a ladder.

Nick Mullen, CEO of Everreach stated, “The research shows that mismanaging calls means missed revenue opportunities.”

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