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Contractors Must Advertise Their Skills to be Sourced During London’s Building Boom

Industry Insight October 14th, 2014
Contractors Must Advertise Their Skills to be Sourced During London’s Building Boom

London’s building boom has highlighted a shortage of skilled contractors capable of meeting the high demand. If you’re a contractor living in or near the capital asking ‘How do I get more work?’, make yourself known to people needing your skills by using online property management software like Arthur.

Developers are currently offering big money to contractors in a race to get proposed schemes underway. However, many of these schemes will hit a hurdle due to their struggle to find contractors and the resources required for the project.

Mark Farmer, EC Harris Head of Residential, said: “The ability of the major players to source multiple delivery teams, as well as their intended Tier 2 fitting out supply chain, is the biggest immediate threat to project delivery.

“We are starting to observe real problems in the construction process.

“There is simply not the capacity out there to meet demand and many projects will undoubtedly fall by the wayside or experience delivery difficulties due to sheer lack of resources.”

With £60 billion of luxury homes proposed to be built in London over the coming decade, equating to 25,000 homes in volume terms, contractors need to advertise their business effectively to be sourced by large companies.

An easy, cost-effective solution is  Arthuronline property managment software. We can connect you with property managers that need your skills with the click of a button. You will receive a free app on which to receive your jobs with all the information to get it done.


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