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Engage and earn: How improving tenant satisfaction can transform your bottom line

Industry Insight March 15th, 2023
Engage and earn: How improving tenant satisfaction can transform your bottom line

Ensuring tenants are satisfied is one of the biggest challenges facing property professionals today. Bringing in new tenants can be expensive for landlords, who must spend time and money preparing the home for new tenants. Happy tenants, on the other hand, are more likely to renew their leases, saving everyone time and money. What’s the key to keeping your tenants satisfied? It all comes down to communication.


Why is improving tenant satisfaction so essential?

Delivering the best service to landlords means keeping properties occupied and in good condition. Maintaining long-term tenancies and keeping the property well-maintained can be challenging if communication has broken down between you and your tenants. 

Communicating effectively with tenants might seem challenging, but you can improve satisfaction and transform your bottom line with the right tools.


How can better communication help make you money?

Getting the most out of communicating with your tenants means using the right balance of human interaction and the latest property management tech. Each form of communication can help improve your bottom line by encouraging tenants to extend their tenancy. This saves you the time and expense of marketing the property, running checks on new tenants, and getting the space move-in ready.

Maintaining a strong, positive relationship with tenants also ensures that problems are resolved quickly, reducing the need for costly repairs and protecting you from disputes that could result in hefty fines.


How to improve communication with tenants

Automated answers

The right property management software can transform how you communicate with your tenants. Having one centralised system that stores all your tenant, property, repairs and maintenance information eliminates the possibility of duplicate data or administrative errors that cause confusion and delay response times. 

Use a central hub to quickly communicate information with tenants on everything from safety checks to individual repairs. It’s been reported that 61% of renters in the US prefer to email or text their property manager. Set up automated updates on these channels or through in-app notifications on platforms like Arthur. You can ensure you are engaging with tenants correctly, all while saving time and money on labour hours. 

It’s also important that tenants can reach you when something goes wrong. No one wants to spend hours on hold or waiting for a response to an email. As a property professional, you are in charge of someone’s home — it’s very personal, and tenants will want to be heard straight away. With Arthur, you can empower residents to communicate with you quickly and easily, wherever and whenever they need. Making yourself available will improve your relationship with tenants and ensure a higher level of service across the board. 

Automating other elements of your job can also help improve tenant engagement. Arthur’s automatic rent collection system means you no longer have to communicate directly with tenants each time rent is due. This reduces the frequency with which you have to ask tenants for payment and allows you to recontextualise the relationship in a more positive way. 

Only communicating with tenants manually could soon put you on the back foot. With 61% of property managers now using automation, it’s crucial you use the tools available or risk delivering a lower quality of service compared to your competitors.


The human touch 

Of course, strong communication also requires you to put in some face time with tenants. Make sure to really listen when tenants engage with you, and try to make yourself visible in the building or area once a month so tenants can have an in-person chat about any concerns they may have. 

Engaging with tenants through a monthly newsletter lets you get ahead of upcoming events. Use this opportunity to keep tenants informed and answer their questions before they become complaints.


Clearer, quicker communication is closer than you think 

Managing tenant relationships is a challenge all industry professionals face — but it doesn’t need to be. With Arthur’s industry-leading app suite, automated messaging capabilities and centralised system, you can remain transparent and keep everyone in the loop. Ready to learn more? Book a demo today

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