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Home Owners in London Cash in on Their Properties

Industry Insight July 7th, 2014
Home Owners in London Cash in on Their Properties

The London housing market is booming, having risen hugely in value over the past ten years. Home owners and landlords alike have taken advantage of this rise, making large profits from their investments.

Rupert Collingwood of the London Management Company said, ‘The past two years have been extraordinary. In some areas of the capital there has been a 150 or 160 per cent increase. If you invest in London, the general rule is you will double your money in ten years.’

One example of how the housing market boom has affected home owners is Danae Brook’s story. Brook, an author, bought her two bedroom, first floor flat near Notting Hill, West London with her husband Robin Duthy in 2005 for £500,000.

Now, the property is valued at £1.5 million, giving Brook and Duthy a profit of £1 million if they decided to sell. Brook said she would use the profit for her children and to visit the Arctic before it disappeared.

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