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How to effectively manage maintenance requests

Industry Insight October 27th, 2021
How to effectively manage maintenance requests

Managing maintenance requests can be time-consuming and complicated for your business. Fortunately, Arthur offers a streamlined, efficient system and series of apps that will help your business save valuable time and money. 

Automation can be implemented at all stages of the maintenance workflow and communication with the relevant stakeholders can be done through one synchronised platform. Your maintenance requests will be made as seamless as possible.

From creating work orders to streamlined invoicing, all of your maintenance needs will be covered with Arthur. Transparency will be increased as all parties will be updated at each stage of the maintenance process or once anything changes.


Submitting Maintenance Requests

When a tenant wants to submit a maintenance request they can raise an issue via the app or through the portal. This eliminates lengthy phone calls and disjointed communication, thereby simplifying the maintenance process by bringing all communication onto one platform. Tenants will be able to get their issues resolved more quickly and efficiently, increasing their satisfaction.

Additionally, with Arthur, tenants are able to upload images of the maintenance issue that they are facing so that contractors can get a better idea of the job that needs to be done. This will allow contractors that have the skills to resolve specific issues to accept the job and ensure that it gets completed efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, automatic responses to common maintenance requests can be set up in order to save time and reduce the amount of time spent dealing with frequent, easily solved issues. This way, tenants will be satisfied knowing that their requests will be taken care of in a timely manner. 


Automatic Reminders for Scheduled Maintenance

As managing a property portfolio is demanding and involves a lot of moving parts, it can be hard to keep track of all the tasks that need completing.

Arthur has a way of simplifying the workload of property managers with automatic reminders that can be scheduled for regular maintenance checkups that often get forgotten. Ensuring these regularly scheduled jobs are done helps your business to remain compliant.

For example, you might have an expiring gas certificate coming up that needs to be updated. Staying on top of all of this can be difficult if there are no reminders in place as there are long periods in between inspections. Automatic reminders allow you to keep on top of the maintenance needs that have to be fulfilled.


Adding Work Orders 

Work orders are the digital equivalent of a worksheet that would be given to a contractor to carry out work on a job. These can be added by tenants or property managers themselves.

When tenants raise an issue, a task is automatically created in Arthur. This will then make it easy for you to create a work order. You can either create the work order with or without a quote. Once the property manager raises the work order, contractors will then be alerted of the task once it is live.

Both property managers and tenants will be able to see when a job goes live when a contractor accepts the work order or when a quote has been accepted by a contractor. You can easily advertise maintenance jobs to hundreds of contractors that are already registered on Arthur. 


Contractor Directory

The contractor directory will allow your business to find contractors that will be able to assist with property issues. Work orders can be sent out to invited contractors, or they can be advertised to public contractors who will bid directly on the work.

These work orders can be accepted by contractors through the Arthur Contractor App that will show them all the jobs that are currently live.

Once the job has been accepted by a contractor, either you or the property owner can accept the quote provided.


Tracking Jobs

Arthur allows you to digitally track jobs that are being completed. Tenants, property managers and contractors will all be able to communicate through the Arthur apps. 

The job status will go live once the quote has been accepted or once the contractor accepts a work order with a pre-decided quote.

Jobs can be scheduled to be completed as soon as possible, which will reduce your response time and all of the relevant people will automatically be kept up to date with notifications once anything changes or once the job has been completed.

Contractors will also be able to add images to the work order so that you or your property owner can sign off on the task once it is completed to your standard. 

Being able to track the progress of jobs will not only improve transparency between all parties but will also eliminate the need for your tenants to have to constantly ask you for the status of their maintenance.


Streamlined Invoicing

Arthur allows contractors to send invoices directly from the Contractor App into the work order, which allows for streamlined invoicing. 

Once an invoice is added to the work order, it is easy to process the payment, which speeds up the maintenance process and keeps your contractors happy.

Once you or the property owner has approved the invoice, the work order can then be signed off on. 

Arthur offers a straightforward, efficient way to manage your maintenance requests that will save you valuable time and money. Not only will the platform and apps improve your experience and efficiency with maintenance requests, they will also do the same for your tenants and your contractors.

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