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More buy-to-let landlords self-manage for higher returns

Private Rental May 13th, 2015
More buy-to-let landlords self-manage for higher returns

Increasing Buy-to-let Landlords are taking back their properties from the agent in search of higher returns

There has been a rapid acceleration in buy-to-let mortgage lending as investors hoover up an increasing amount of the UK’s insufficient supply of housing.

House prices are rising sharply off the back of intense demand and a seriously constrained supply of homes – with house building running at around half the level needed – tempting investors in to try and cash in on the lucrative gains from property values and rents.

Buy-to-let Landlords that self-manage are increasing as more landlords look for more ways to get a better return on investment. With good technology self-management can be both rewarding and financially astute. With agents taking on average a 5%-10% of rent as fees, landlords are increasingly taking back their management and why not?

With an array of desktop and cloud based management software available management has never been easier. New cloud based software means that Buy-to-let Landlords no longer have to be concerned about IT infrastructure to run the software and some of the latest cloud based software come with mobile apps available from the Itunes and Android stores. One such property management software is Arthuronline. Its unique offering allows you the landlord the ability to give tenants, contractors and letting agents web or mobile access to documents, workflow and statements. This integrated approach means that everyone has access to information at any time. Better communication and access to information means less stress for all and less work for the landlord.



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