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Smaller Firms of London’s House Building Sector to Get More Work

Industry Insight August 12th, 2014
Smaller Firms of London’s House Building Sector to Get More Work

The Federation of Master Builders has urged for more competitiveness and diversity in London’s house building industry, especially if the supply of houses in the capital is going to meet the demand.

“The London Assembly Housing Committee’s call to the Mayor of London to use his power to enable greater competition and diversity in the London house building market is a welcome initiative, because we desperately need more smaller house builders to deliver a wider variety of homes.” said FMB’s Chief Executive Brian Berry.

FMB’s Chief Executive also believes that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has been right to set a fairly ambitious target for the number of new houses to be built in the capital.

However, such a target, in order to be met, will require using the small and medium-sized house building sector to its full potential.

Moreover, Berry commented on the Federation’s backing of the Housing Committee in making clear that the Mayor must support competition in the market.

“The London Development Panel is worryingly exclusive, involving only 25 large contractors and house builders. It is extremely important that the Greater London Authority (GLA) finds more flexible and dynamic framework arrangements, with streamlined processes, which will allow smaller firms fair access to public sector land” he concluded.

This is certainly great news for the smaller firms in the house building sector, yet it does not mean everyone will be guaranteed more work – as the competition increases, now more than ever contractors have to be not only skilled but also professional, organised and ready to handle a big workload.

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