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How landlord software can help student landlords better manage their properties.

Student Housing June 30th, 2015
How landlord software can help student landlords better manage their properties.

Using landlord software as a student landlord can be a useful tool in keeping tenants informed and happy.

With rising numbers of students in the UK, the need for Houses of Multiple Occupation has also increased dramatically. In some areas, there is a shortfall of purpose built student accommodation, which landlords can fill.

However, student properties can require extra maintenance fees and these properties tend to suffer more ‘wear and tear’ damage with student tenants. Landlord software can be a useful tool to stay on top of these issues, with the ability to quickly and easily identify any issues. Furthermore, contractors can be quickly reached via the app and the work order can be tracked with much more efficiency, reducing the need for calls and chasing up requests.

Arthur Online’s landlord software  stores tenant and property documents on the tenant app for easy access by the student such as inventory reports resulting in less confronation when money is deducted for damages.

Sam Dooley student tenant from Nottingham “In my experience as a student, many students are left angry and confused when they are left with only a fraction of their deposit after their tenancy agreement is finished. For example, one of my friends was hit by a £50 fine for using blu-tac on his walls – he did not realise that blu-tac had been banned in the documents given to us at the start of our tenancy (which we soon lost and forgot about). Landlord software that provides the ability to access documents can provide the welcome pack to outline rules, with no risk of it being lost by the tenants.

Why does keeping student tenants happy matter so much?

Keeping student tenants happy is far more important nowadays than it used to be. Now the internet offers tenants the opportunity to review landlords on sites such as Landlord Reviews, as well as word of mouth. Landlords are far more accountable to their tenants. Students may vacate the property after just one year, but a reputation can linger for years longer. If landlords get the reputation from students as being bad landlords, then the property could be left vacant. Hence, landlord software become particularly useful in maintaining a good rapport with student tenants, keeping both parties happy and connected.

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