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Surge in Home Improvements is Good News for Retailers and Contractors

Industry Insight July 3rd, 2014
Surge in Home Improvements is Good News for Retailers and Contractors

The UK’s buoyant housing market is having a knock-on effect on the country’s retailers, as people look to undertake home improvements. Topps Tiles has announced that its like-for-like revenues rose by 6.3% in 13 weeks to 28 June compared with a drop over the same period last year. Furthermore, its half-year profit rose to £8 million from £4.7 million on a 10.2% rise in underlying sales.

Matthew Williams, Topps Tiles’ Chief Executive, puts their boost in sales down to a wider range of products, more discounts and their new website. The retailer has recently opened three boutique stores on London’s high streets to target the general public over trade customers, which it says are a success. It is looking to trial two further stores in the second half of the year.

This news is positive for contractors asking ‘how do I get more work?’ across the UK, as people will be looking to seek professionals to carry out improvements on their properties. Contractors must get organised to capitalise on this demand for home improvements. Arthur, the best property management software on the market, is the tool for the job.

It connects contractors with property experts through its intelligent and fully integrated system, improving communication and efficiency. With the recent launch of our native app for Apple and Android users, what are you waiting for?


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