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Top 5 Reasons Why Construction is Important in the UK

Industry Insight October 1st, 2014
Top 5 Reasons Why Construction is Important in the UK

The construction industry is constantly under the media’s scrutiny, who warn of rogue traders and an industry battered by the recession. So, here at Arthur, we decided it was about time that we focus on the positive aspects of the industry, namely why it is so important for our country.

Using research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), here are our 5 reasons for why construction is so vital to the UK:

1) Construction shapes and impacts upon our communities, our health, our wealth and our welfare.

2) Construction ensures people have offices to work in, schools to learn in, hospitals to receive healthcare in and homes to live in.

3) Construction is vital to our economy – there are currently 2.9 million construction jobs across the UK, making up 10% of the UK’s total employment, and 6.3% of GDP.

4) Construction helps us to redress the housing shortage – a weak construction industry would mean no new houses, and thousands of people left homeless.

5) The industry helps to provide large numbers of young people with employment via apprenticeship schemes. 182,000 construction jobs are to be filled by 2018, a figure that gives young people now something to aspire towards.

The construction industry is finally dusting itself off after a hefty fall during the recession, and should be praised for this. Contractors are integral to the UK for building and maintenance, especially in the property industry.

This is why Arthuronline has been designed to help contractors who are asking ‘How do I get more work?’ You are needed by property experts up and down the country, and we will connect you with them through the click of a button.


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