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Why Londoners are Moving from the City to the Coast

Industry Insight July 18th, 2014
Why Londoners are Moving from the City to the Coast

Within reasonable commuting distance to the city, and offering a calmer, more relaxing lifestyle to that of a Londoner, Brighton is slowly becoming a hot spot for exiles from the capital.

As lifestyle becomes increasingly more important to young professionals working in London, many Londoners are leaving the hustle and bustle of the city for more tranquil alternatives. According to a recent Land Registry study, up to 40 per cent of homes sold in Brighton are bought by ex-Londoners.

Investing in particular areas of Brighton & Hove is becoming ever-more profitable, with average house prices rising in line with the growing demand. And with the Thameslink train line upgrade looking to make the commute to London even easier, price growth could well be sustained.

According to the Land Registry’s house index, in the last year, house prices have seen a 9.8% increase, with an average house costing £249,035. And in some of the most sought after areas of Brighton such as Kemp Town, with its abundance of white stucco houses, a 2 bedroom apartment with a sea view can cost as much as £1 million.

On the other side of the spectrum, the student market in Brighton is another reason why Brighton is particularly attractive place to buy. The two universities in the area, the University of Sussex and Brighton University, are making Brighton one of the most popular places in the UK to invest in student property.

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