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"I feel like Arthur Online was purposely made for me, because I'm both an owner and a manager. The app in particular is really well thought out"

Bespoke Landlord Services



Sector focus

Private rental

Portfolio type

Residential, commercial, HMO

Using Arthur Online since

September 2016

Quote by Arpit Patel, Director, Bespoke Landlord Services

Without Arthur Online I would have either had to be on-call for all my tenants or have to employ several people to manage my portfolio

Arpit Patel Director, Bespoke Landlord Services

Tell us about your business

I’m a private landlord, I started back in 2005 as a part-time landlord, and then in 2011 I really started growing my portfolio.  I started in Colchester, and now have properties in Ipswich, Harwich and Clacton, 80% of my portfolio is in Colchester.

What are your biggest operational challenges?

If I had the volume of units that I have now when I started, it would have be really difficult, if not impossible, to manage by myself.  As my portfolio started growing, I found more and more of my time was being consumed by admin. I had so many remittance statements to get through, it was really stressful, and now it’s done at the click of a button.

How has Arthur Online helped you overcome these challenges?

I feel like Arthur Online was purposely made for me, because I’m both an owner and a manager. The manager app in particular is really well thought out. Without Arthur Online I would have either had to be on-call for all my tenants or have had to employ several people to help manage my portfolio.

I no longer have to tell tenants when I’m away. I remember I was away skiing once, and a request came through to me to book in a contractor to do some repairs. I was able to book a contractor on my phone using the app, while on a ski lift! It’s great for me and my clients, they feel that I’m there for them at all times, with Arthur Online I can be, even when I’m not in the country!

Arthur Online has really helped with accuracy. Before I had huge remittance statements of 5-6 pages that I had to track manually. I’m sure I would have made a mistake in the calculations. On Arthur Online, everything is automated and therefore completely accurate.

What add-on features do you find most useful?

I mainly use text messaging, I actually don’t use many of the integrations, Arthur Online’s platform on its own is enough to cover my needs.

How did you find the on-boarding process?

Very simple.. I book a viewing, then turn it into a prospective tenancy. I set up accounts for all my landlord clients and ask them to download the app.

You’ve been using Arthur Online for a while now, what do you think of their ongoing customer support?

When I’m on my computer or on my phone, the Arthur Online app is one of the four applications I have open at all times. Chat is brilliant, I use it a lot. If I have an issue I send a message and I get a near instant response.

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur Online?

Doubled! Started at 27 units and now I’m at 71.  I’m currently finishing up a HMO which has 5 units, and looking at adding another 4 units, so soon I’ll have 63 in total. I could never have done it without Arthur Online.

How much time has using Arthur Online saved you and your team?

Hard to quantify but I can safely say it’s saved me countless hours I would have spent managing my portfolio. I’ve also saved a lot on salaries.