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"Arthur has simplified our entire letting process from start to finish. It's so easy to use, all our staff love it!"

CoSector, University of London



Sector focus

Student housing

Portfolio type


Using Arthur Online since

August 2018

Quote by Martin Wills, Transformation, Planning and Operations Director

The dialogue between Arthur and my department has been extremely productive

Martin Wills Transformation, Planning and Operations Director

CoSector is a student housing company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of London.  We have 3 teams focusing on each of private housing, student homes, and halls of residence.

We use Arthur to manage the student homes leasing scheme: we have 300 beds in a portfolio of 70 properties, we lease the properties from private landlords, then let the rooms out to students.

What are your biggest operational challenges?

Before Arthur, our biggest issue was managing our portfolio on multiple spreadsheets; everything was separate and disconnected. Reconciling data took up almost all our time, so we couldn’t focus on finding new clients and growing our business.

How has Arthur helped you overcome these challenges?

We needed a complete database, with everything in one place. Our priorities were:

  • Clarity and visibility; complete oversight of the portfolio is essential for running the business smoothly
  • Easy to use and understand processes and workflows

Arthur really excels in both these areas; it has simplified the entire letting process from start to finish. It’s so easy to use, all our staff love it!

What add-on features do you find most useful?

Digital signatures and document tracking have significantly sped up the tenant on-boarding and general admin process.

How did you find the on-boarding process?

It was fantastic, the migration of data from spreadsheets was very easy thanks to the support team. The in-house training was particularly helpful, the team at Arthur walked us through the entire setup, including bespoke workflows, applicant processes, integrations and much more.

You’ve been using Arthur for a while now, what do you think of their ongoing customer support?

The dialogue between Arthur and my department has been extremely productive, the Arthur team are very responsive and knowledgeable.  They are really friendly and easy to work with. We fully trust them and their service.

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur?

We had been trying to make our processes more efficient, but with little success. Our aim was to free up enough of our time so we could meaningfully improve growth rates. Arthur has saved us countless hours and given us the platform to support scaleable growth.

We now feel confident that we could handle a portfolio three or four times as big with the same resources.

How much time has using Arthur saved you and your team?

Arthur has brought our whole timetable forward; we are currently 2 to 3 months ahead of budget and we’ve saved countless man hours.