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"I've been using Arthur for 6 months and I’m already seeing huge benefits. My time on admin has been hugely reduced"

Elite Lettings



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Letting agent

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September 2018

Quote by Clair Arnold, Director, Elite Lettings

Arthur allows us to automatically generate rent charges made to tenants, and we can easily use the reporting system to identify which rents are outstanding

Clair Arnold Director, Elite Lettings

Tell us about your business

Elite Lettings are a specialist letting agent based on the South Coast. Solely focused on lettings of long and short-term contracts, coupled with holiday lets and corporate rentals (serviced apartment).

​Offering a professional fully comprehensive service that is reliable and honest ensuring you get the very best from your rental property, no matter how long or short the agreement is. You will receive the very best service from the very best people. We work hard for your property so you don’t have to.

​We care about what we do, priding ourselves on gaining long term relationships, fully focused on the priorities and needs of both the Landlord and Tenant ensuring happy, smooth running tenancies for all parties.

What are your biggest operational challenges?

Monitoring rental payments

As rent charge and payment days differ, it can be difficult to keep track of who paid what and when, and it’s all too easy for late payments to slip through; unfortunately, spreadsheets don’t warn you about overdue rent!

Keeping track of maintenance issues

Maintenance issues are raised by tenants every day, and it can be almost impossible to monitor which properties need work, what work is being carried out, completion status and which contractors have been assigned which jobs.

Having an overview of the entire business

Using just spreadsheets makes it difficult to quickly identify issues such as which units are becoming available, which certificates are expiring, etc.


How has Arthur helped you overcome these challenges?

Arthur allows us to automatically generate rent charges made to tenants, and we can easily use the reporting system to identify which rents are outstanding.

We also use Arthur’s automated messaging system to chase tenants who are in arrears.

Arthur’s task and work order system allows us to monitor each maintenance issue raised by tenants. I can assign contractors, monitor completion status and create invoices for property owners.

Arthur’s dashboard allows me to identify potential issues fast. I find the calendar particularly useful, it lets me view upcoming tasks and helps me manage my team and own time more efficiently.


What add-on features do you find most useful?

Signable is currently the add-on feature I use the most. It allows all my tenants to sign their documents online, saving tenants a trip to our office (which they really appreciate!)


How did you find the on boarding process?

The on boarding process was very smooth. The customer support team were there to help every step of the way, making sure the information was complete and correct.

The free online help tools, like the knowledge base, were also very helpful and easy to use.


You’ve been using Arthur for a while now, what do you think of their ongoing customer support?

The ongoing customer support is superb and sets Arthur apart from its competitors. All members of staff that helped me have been patient, polite and always worked hard to help me understand the more complex parts of the system.

As the guys on customer support were so helpful and also run the training days, I booked an advanced training day course so I can get even more out of the platform.


How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur?

I’ve used the time saved on managing properties to focus on the other parts of my business, which I’m pleased to say has really grown since I started using Arthur.

Landlords who had previously moved their properties to a different letting agent came back due to the ease of using the system and their ability to quickly access their statement on the go.


How much time has using Arthur saved you and your team?

I would say that Arthur saves me at least a few hours a day.

The ability to automate so many of my processes is the key time saver. Automating rent charges and automating the tenant journey from prospective to past tenants are just a few of the features that have made our operation so much more efficient.