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"I save about 4 hours per new tenant but, more importantly, I know that everything is done correctly and is well documented."

Giorgio:Mandix Ltd.



Sector focus

Private rental

Portfolio type

Residential Lets

Using Arthur Online since

June 2015

Quote by Frank Mandix , Business Owner

I chose Arthur because they were the most intuitive software on the market.

Frank Mandix Business Owner

Why did you pick Arthur Online?

I chose Arthur because they were the most intuitive software on the market.  They had a good user interface with a variety of features that suited both single and multi-residential lets. Arthur was the best system I found and it has saved me a lot of time. Now there are a lot of systems to choose from, but Arthur is still ahead and continuously adds new useful features.

What were your largest operational challenges and how did Arthur help you overcome them?

  • Scaling up
    Going from a few tenancies to 40+ would have been impossible without a great property management system. Arthur deals with paperwork, legal compliance, communications and finance. A lot of this is automated, so I have more time to look for new business
  • Managing all the paperwork
    The legal requirements of landlords have increased significantly since I first started. I have all the paperwork related to properties, tenancies etc in one place. Most importantly, I can share this with all the relevant parties at the click of a button, so that no papers have to be sent via email or even posted (and get lost).
  • Legal compliance
    There are so many deadlines, appointments etc. that you need to keep track of as a landlord. Arthur helps you deal with all of this and documents that you have been compliant.

What add-on features have you found most useful?

I have found the Xero integration and digital signatures the most useful add-on features for my business. Xero has made my accounting much easier and the digital signatures means I don’t have to post anything out anymore. They’ve both really helped save time.

How did you find the on-boarding process?

I have been with Arthur so long that I don’t remember! I got help from Marc, David and Rochelle in the beginning and it must have been good as I don’t remember anything bad.

What do you think of Arthur’s customer support?

I rarely uses it as I’m quite familiar with Arthur. When I have problems it normally goes beyond the traditional customer support, but the team is always willing to help.

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur?

Difficult to say as my business and business partners have changed a lot but, it has allowed me to go from just a few properties up to over 40 and look at other avenues for my business to grow into.

How much time has using Arthur saved you and your team?

I believe I save about 4 hours per new tenant but, more importantly, I know that everything is done correctly and is well documented. When it comes to communication, I save at least one hour per tenant per month. I don’t have to search for anything (emails, phone numbers etc.) and we can reach the tenants at any time (and they can reach me if I want them to).