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"We really appreciated the communication with the Arthur team, and the flexibility the software offers us, which we can accommodate to our needs."

Lucas Fox



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Private rental

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Using Arthur Online since

May 2017

Quote by Sandra Castejón, Head of Property Management

Since joining Arthur Online in 2017, we have grown from 30 to 110 Units

Sandra Castejón Head of Property Management

We are a residential lettings agency headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, but we have offices across Spain, including: Sitges, Madrid, Costa Brava, Valencia, Malaga, Ibiza, etc.

What are your biggest operational challenges?

Managing financials, tasks and maintenance issues:

  • Before enrolling with Arthur, our financials were run off spreadsheets in excel, we didn’t have specialist software to manage our whole portfolio efficiently, making it very difficult to keep on top of tasks, work-orders and payments.

Tracking statements and reports:

  • We found it difficult to monitor our property owner remittances each month on excel, and we didn’t have a way to generate accurate reports for our team.

The lack of communication and manual processing:

  • Another struggle was keeping track and being on top of communication between tenants, contractors and property owners, which often caused problems.

How has Arthur helped you overcome these challenges?

Managing Financials, tasks and maintenance issues:

  • Arthur has allowed us to improve in all these areas. We’re able to keep track of things a lot easier thanks to Arthur financials, tenants have the flexibility to raise issues within the system, and each party has their own portal.  The dashboard is really helpful too.

Tracking Statements and Reports:

  • The customer support team at Arthur helped us so much. They were able to create a remittance report for us which helps us manage our financial side a lot better, and we can monitor each remittance as it comes through!

Communication and using Automated processing:

  • With the introduction of automated events on Arthur, we can now manage our processes better. This automation lets us focus on resolving issues for our clients and channelling more of our resources into customer service.

Our custom events are automated and get triggered at the right time – whether that’s emailing our tenants or creating tasks! I know I can always count on this feature.

What add-on features do you find most useful?

Definitely the automated events feature, this has saved us a lot of time, events are automatically triggered, and this ensures nothing gets missed!

How did you find the on-boarding process?

The process was very good. We had online meetings with the Arthur team who helped us set up our portfolio correctly, and they then spent 4-5 months helping us out, giving us several tutorials, so we were comfortable using Arthur and we know how to execute all the different functions the system allows.

What do you think of Arthur’s ongoing customer support?

The Arthur support is excellent – they always reply to our queries very quickly! The customer support department is always there for us if we have any questions on how to operate our bespoke statements and reports. They are brilliant with typing out quick responses and sending GIFs!

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur?

Since joining Arthur in 2017, we have grown from 30 to 110 Units.

How much time has using Arthur saved you and your team?

We’re already seeing our business operations being managed better, to be exact, we are saving 8 hours per week thanks to Arthur. We’re not yet saving time across the rest of our departments, however we believe that this will come in time.

We work all day with Arthur, it is our only tool in the department. Earlier this year, we completely changed the structure of our company, to base it off that of Savills Company. This would not have been possible working with any other tool but Arthur! We really appreciated the communication with the Arthur team, and the flexibility the software offers us, which we can accommodate to our needs.