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"Arthur saves us several hours per week and this is increasing the more properties we add to the system "

Manhattan Properties



Sector focus

Holiday Lets

Portfolio type

Private Rental & Holiday Let

Using Arthur Online since

July 2018

Quote by Dale Smith , Director

We ensure that all compliance documents are in one location giving staff the ability to run reports and action any that are expiring

Dale Smith Director

Why did you want Property management software?

We manage our own portfolio of 34 residential lets and at the time we needed a solution that would enable us to be more efficient. Arthur seemed to be the best software and addressed our needs. Since uploading our own portfolio we have now also uploaded our other businesses which include both holiday homes and serviced apartments.

Why did you pick Arthur Online?

We looked at a number of platforms and really liked the features that Arthur offered like the series of apps and ability to track the entire tenant journey within one platform. The web interface allows easy monitoring of our portfolio and since we have several accounts now we are able to distinguish between them.

What were your largest operational challenges and how did Arthur help you overcome them? 

Our largest challenge we ensuring all of the correct compliance documents were in one place for both our residential and our holiday lets. Arthur lets us store these in one location and also report on expiring certificates so that we can action them quickly and on time. We also manage a high volume of work orders now through the system and this is especially helping make our team more efficient with a lower margin for error.

What add-on features have you found most useful?

We are just about to use the Arthur API to feed data to a new bespoke database, CRM and invoicing system. In a way, Arthur open API allows us to create our own system that is tailored exactly to our business.

How did you find the on-boarding process?

On-boarding was simple and easy, not much else to say.

What do you think of Arthur’s customer support?

Support has been really good and have allowed us to feel comfortable rolling our the Arthur system to our franchise network.

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur?

We have grown from around 17 properties to over 70. Arthur is allowing us to scale our business and we are planning to take on more in the future.

How much time has using Arthur saved you and your team?

It saves us several hours per week and this is only going to increase as we take on additional units.