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"The ongoing customer support provided by Arthur Online is superb!"

Zest Property Management



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Using Arthur Online since

December 2016

Quote by Josh Keegan, CEO, Zest Properties

We now use Arthur Online’s messaging system instead of WhatsApp, which makes things so much easier. All miscommunication has virtually vanished, and our tenants are satisfied with our quick responses.

Josh Keegan CEO, Zest Properties

Tell us about your business

We deal with high-end HMOs based in the Manchester area


What are your biggest operational challenges?


Tracking unit availability on multiple spreadsheets was time-consuming and prone to errors. It was difficult to identify which units were occupied and when those units would next be available.

Communicating with tenants using WhatsApp is complicated and inefficient. We had several group chats, and a lot of miscommunication with our tenants. Keeping track of the conversation was not simple, and we often had to deal with disputes.

Dealing with maintenance issues

Contractors need access codes for each of our properties. There was always a back and forth when giving access codes. We wasted a lot of time on this very simple task.

Reporting and statements

Using spreadsheets gave us only a very limited picture of tenant and property owner financial positions. We were unable to share well-presented and easy to understand statements which updated automatically with the latest relevant information.


How has Arthur Online helped you overcome these challenges?


Arthur Online’s dashboard allows us to see the status of each of our units on just one screen so that we know exactly which are occupied and which are available. By keeping an eye on tenancies that are ending soon, we have increased our occupancy rates to around 95%.

We now use Arthur Online’s messaging system instead of WhatsApp, which makes things so much easier. All miscommunication has virtually vanished, and our tenants are satisfied with our quick responses.

Dealing with maintenance issues

The centralised management that Arthur Online allows makes it incredibly easy to communicate with our contractors. Arthur Online lets you securely store access codes and other important information, which we make easily available to contractors through the tasks and workorders function, it’s as simple as pressing a button.

Reporting and statements

Arthur Online’s reports and statement allow us to effectively identify the financial status of all our property owners and tenants. The reports are world-leading!

The guys at Arthur Online built several bespoke statements for us, including property owner statements and remittance statements. These statements give a clear and accurate overview of all our property owners. They also update automatically with the latest information, and they look really professional too!


What add-on features do you find most useful?

The Xero integration has allowed us to build many processes entirely around our Arthur Online platform. We can now conduct property management within Arthur Online and manage our financial accounting with Xero. The two platforms communicate in a streamlined and efficient way, making management so much simpler.


How did you find the on-boarding process?

We found the on-boarding process quick and easy. Uploading properties and tenancies was very simple, and Arthur Online’s knowledge base is comprehensive and easy to understand, guiding you through each stage of the process.

You’ve been using Arthur Online for a while now, what do you think of their ongoing customer support?

The ongoing customer support provided by Arthur Online is superb. The team are always willing to help by responding to messages on the live chat and during tutorials.

Even when we encounter problems on Xero, the support team have been great in helping us solve them, and even give advice on how to use the accounting platform.

How much has your business grown since you started using Arthur Online?

We managed 144 units when we started using Arthur Online back in 2016, this has grown to 263!

The simplicity of the system has allowed us to greatly increase the efficiency of our processes and we have subsequently been able to focus on expansion, as you can see!


How much time has using Arthur Online saved you and your team?

Arthur Online saves us hundreds of hours a month! It provides such a solid backbone for the business. We can conduct everything around the system and streamline all our processes through it!