Manage your properties with effective and efficient property management software designed to work in the commercial sector


Commercial lets

  • Everything is stored in one place – legal documentation, tenancy agreements, service charge information etc.
  • Advance notification functionality for changes in rental amount
  • Keep your commercial property clients informed of every update in a timely manner
  • Integration your property management system with your chosen accounting software for maximum efficiency

Arthur Online property management software – What is It?

Unlike many other property management systems, Arthur is a cloud-based solution that lets you access it from anywhere. You can also provide different levels of access for your tenants, contractors, accountants and property managers, so that everyone has the relevant information for them directly at their fingertips whenever they want it. Which saves you time in having to look for the right documentation every time there’s an issue – as everything is stored in the same place online.

Why use Arthur for managing commercial properties?

Commercial property management is different from the process of managing other types of property. There are usually different contractual obligations, service agreements, tenancy notification agreements etc – which come with their own set of regulations you need to follow.

The Arthur software enables you to keep everything up to date and all in the one place – so you can have all the stakeholders fully updated at all times, each of them having their own different level of access to the system. Saving you time – and money – and keeping everyone happy. Which obviously leads to a better relationship all round and thus longer contracts with your property tenants.

Can I try the software before I buy it?

Yes you can. There’s a 30 day completely free trial – with no obligation – that gives you unrestricted access to all the functions and features of the full software, with comprehensive training included.

If you want to have an expert handle things for you, take a look at our directory of Arthur accredited advisors. These are people who understand the software inside and out and know exactly how to link it to a suitable accountancy package to fit your specific circumstances.

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