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Arthur Connect / Signable


Use the market-leading digital signature software to sign any document you want

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Digital Signature

Save time and money by getting documents signed digitally.

Signable gets your documents signed fast! Instead of emailing or posting the document to the signer, why not send it out electronically via the Arthur/Signable integration and literally get it signed in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost? By using electronic signatures signers can sign online, on any device, quickly and easily whilst we make sure the document is legally binding and secure.

Key Benefits:

  • Avoid postal costs and delays
  • Follow the status of your document
  • Increase your signature rate
  • Save money and the planet

Signable adheres to, and exceeds, the latest electronic signature laws within the UK and the EU, most notably eIDAS, which relates to electronic identification and verification across EU member states. This means all signatures are legally binding!


  • All you need is your Arthur Account, it works with any level.


  • We offer digital signatures from £0.45 across all our packages from Standard to Enterprise, the exact amount per signature depends on the quantity of signatures purchased.


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