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Arthur Connect / Zoopla


Stop double entry, synchronise your properties and units to Zoopla

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Immediately upload your new vacancies to Zoopla when they become available

Arthur’s integration with Zoopla ensures an easy and efficient way to market your properties when they come available at the click of a button. Zoopla takes details and images from Arthur and as soon as a unit in Arthur is updated to “available to let”, and then Arthur automatically uploads it to Zoopla. It will then update its status when it is under offer and finally when it has been let.

Key benefits:

  • Upload a new listing immediately when it becomes available
  • No need to manually update Arthur, everything is synchronised. Zoopla takes details directly from Arthur.
  • You are likely to minimise void periods
  • The portal offers useful information not only about the vacancy but also the area.


  • Available to all Arthur users


  • £10 per month across all subscription packages from Standard to Enterprise


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