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Property Management Software

A property management software built by people in the business who understand the needs of landlords and property managers; Cloud based based working on any PC and mobile device.

The functionally rich mobile apps provide the same degree of the functionality found on the PC web, ensuring managing tenancies on the go has never been easier.

The additional mobile and web interfaces available for  tenants, contractors, letting agent and owners ensures for greater transparency and efficiency. Coupled to Arthur`s algorythm automating tasks and communications, property managers have at their disposal technology that really does make a difference.

Property Management

Manage your portfolio smoothly from initial viewings through to ending tenancies using this unique property management software. Create your own automated tasks and communications  to ensure everything is covered and automatically carried out throughout the process, of tenants moving in to tenants leaving and everything in between.

Arthur Property Management dashboard

Keep up to date

A property management software where the dashboard on the PC and on the mobile have been carefully laid out so that access to any area of interest can be made easily. An overview area will give real time information about all aspects of the portfolio.

Arthur Property Management dashboard


A unit has 4 statuses all editable on the go. Available to let, let, under offer and unavailable to let.



Tenancies are allocated a status which defines them. These include: prospective, current, periodic, ending, past and rejected.



Raising work orders and tracking them through to completion is made easy with Arthur`s algorythm. Workorders have four statuses: pending, live, completed and cancelled.

Work Orders


Property managers and their invited letting agents are able to add viewings to the unit. Interested parties will be notified by an accompanying automated communications.

Tenant Viewings

Document management

The property manager, tenant or contractor can upload as many documents as required to the property manager’s account.



A property management software that finally addresses the financials in a sensible and easy way including tenant and client accounting. From rent reconciliation to tenant closing statements. Additional add-on to Xero is available.



Messages can be sent to any contact via the web or mobile interface. All messages sent are audited for future reference.

Landlord, Tenant Messages


A property manager can invite multiple users to his account. All users will have access to relavant information and the ability to add to data.

Add to contacts


This powerful tool enables property managers, owners, letting agents and contractors to create reports that are relevant to that user group.


Global search

The global search is a useful tool allowing for a search term to bring up any of your property or tenancy related information.


Mobile Apps

Arthur provides native apps for Apple and Android  for property managers, property owners, tenants and contractors.



There are no set up fees, no restrictions on number of users, devices or documents stored.



Invited tenants have an overview of their tenancy which includes: tenancy dates, rental amount, bank details of where the rent is paid, deposit details and property manager details.



Contractors are able to receive new jobs on the go via the app. Once received the contractors have everything at hand to complete the job.

Add to contacts

Letting Agents

Invited lettings agents are able to view the units made available to them along with all accompanying documents.

Letting agents

Property Owners

The invited property owner has transaprency into how their assett is being managed. From workflow to documents and financial statments, owners have access to information.

Property Owner

Training and Support

One to one Skype tutorials are available free of charge. To book, simply use our online scheduling tool.



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Going Deeper

A property management software designed to carry out many of your day to day tasks and communications, Arthur has at it’s heart an area called ‘Manage Automated Events’ where the property manager can automate tasks and communication  in line with  business practice.

Go Deeper

Who uses Arthur?

“Arthur claim their app is revolutionary, I can honestly say it is. Arthur has made us super-efficient and whenever we have any questions, the team at Arthur are so quick to respond.” Oliver Hogg, Cloud Letting Agent.


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