"Flexible pricing was just what our growing business needed"

Richard Purseglove, HMO Portfolio Manager





Invited Users


Give your tenants access to a self-service portal online and via an app, allowing them to raise maintenance issues, check statements and more


Allow your trusted contractors to accept work orders, offer quotes, raise invoices, take images of works completed and more


Give your owners access to the core information about their portfolio such as availability and remittance statements

Core Features


A unit is defined as the object that is being rented. It could be anything: a house, a room, a shop, a parking space





The amount of data Arthur allows a user to upload to their system





The ability to access Arthur from a browser rather than an app. This is used when accessing Arthur from desktops, laptops, surfaces etc.

Mobile (Apple/Android) 

Apps available on the U.K. Apple and Android stores


The finance module of the system will monitor tenant, client and contractor accounting. It is also the module that integrates with our accounting partner Xero

Bank Reconciliation 

Upload your bank statement to Arthur to reconcile against your financial records.

Applicant and Viewing management 

Manage the search for new tenants, by diarising and automating notice


Easily communicate with property managers, property owners, tenants, contractors and letting agents. Communication can be sent via email or 'in-app'

Mail merge 

Standardised documentation, such as contracts and letters can be set up as templates within Arthur to allow for the auto-population of data, decreasing admin time and preventing human error

Task management 

The task management module allows you to receive issues from tenants and keep on top of your teams workload with ease

Work order management 

Invite contractors to complete any work that needs to be done, track their performance and store invoicing records against specific jobs.

Public contractor network 

Access to a U.K-wide network of user-rated contractors

Automated events and processes 

Arthur's automated events engine is designed to help cut down on repetitive tasks, emails and general administration consequently, saving time


Access and analyse your data, allowing your business to be driven by information not hunches

Access Management 

Allows for adding access details to your properties and units.

White labelled account 

Personalise your account to your businesses branding by adding your colour scheme to both the browser version and phone apps, as well as adding your logo to your account and your statements

Custom transaction settings  

Customise the default transactions that appear when you add a tenancy to the system

Custom task types   

Update and edit the task type lists available to tenants and your team


Add default checklists to task types, or ad hoc ones to issues as they are raised. Checklists ensure processes can be followed and steps are not forgotten

Online applicant form 

Allow applicants and prospective tenants to enter their details directly into your system via an applicant form that can sit on your website or be sent out automatically

Batch remittances 

Batch remittances 

Rent reviews 

Create tasks and reminders for rent reviews against a tenancy. Enter the % uplift and whether it is open market or not into the system, allowing Arthur to keep track of price changes and notify tenants

Message templates 

Template standardised emails that you do not want to be sent automatically, allowing them to be sent at the push of a button

Key Management 

Track the movement of your keys in and out of your possession, who has them, their expected return dates and send automated reminders to ensure they are returned promptly.

Custom applicant tracking 

Customise the way you track your applicants and their journey by personalising their status and source of enquiry

Applicant matching 

Match applicants against units that are available, or will soon be available and target matching applicants when units become available

Team activity tracking 

Track your teams activities throughout the system in one centralised log for an easy overview and easy reporting

Custom Fields 

Personalise your account by creating your own fields throughout the system to store data in a clear and obvious way.


Manage the access rights of your team

Suggested solutions to tenant issues 

Workflow integrations

Digital signatures 

Create, send and track digital envelopes within the system to allow for quick and easy signing of documentation, whilst remaining legally compliant


Send SMS messages to contacts manually or automatically


Integrate Arthur to your Xero accounting software, allowing for easy reconciliation, payments and more. The seamless communication between the two systems means your accounting software and your management software have all the information they need with no double-keying

Marketing portals 

Push adverts live on RightMove, Zoopla, Facebook Marketplace, StuRents and your own website when a unit becomes available, allowing you to update all the information in one place (you must have a subscription to the portals you wish to sync your rental units with)

Credit Checks 

Complete a soft credit check against applicants and guarantors using our integration with TransUnion

Tenant referencing 

Send for, track and complete referencing from inside the system, preventing any double-keying of data and increasing the turnaround time of referencing


Connect to over 1,500 different software through the bridge software Zapier

Live Bank Feed  

Connect your bank accounts to Arthur for a live feed of transactions in and out, allowing for quick and easy reconciliation

Analytics Dashboards   

Gain insights into your businesses performance by using Arthur's Analytics Dashboards powered by Tableau. Users can either make use of Arthur's standard dashboards or request bespoke ones


Knowledge base 

Freely available on our website

Support portal

Available Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm


A 1 hour shared screen session with a member of our customer success team who can train you on how to use the software or work on how to use it more efficiently


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