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I manage units
Coming soon


incl. 20 units
Price per unit: £0.00
1GB storage
Unlimited tenancies
Overview dashboard
Available contractors
And more...


min spend
incl. 20 units
Price per unit: £0.75
In addition
Unlimited storage
Suite of apps
Multi account dashboard
Reports & Statements
And more...


min spend
incl. 40 units
Price per unit: £1.00
In addition
White label
Tenant on-boarding
And more...


min spend
£ 75/month
incl. 60 units
Price per unit: £1.25
In addition
Applicant matching
Bespoke tenant app
Relationship manager
And more...

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Pricing | Features |

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Free Standard Professional Enterprise
Invited users
Team members -
Contractors -
Owners -
Agents -
Accountants -
Core Features
Units added Up to 5 units Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to public contractors
Asset file storage 1GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile (Apple/Android)
Automating processes -
Tenant F.A.Q.s -
Demo area -
Reports -
Bespoke checklists - -
Reminders - -
Recurring tasks - -
Snoozing tasks - - Coming soon Coming soon
Recurring workorders - -
Online applicant form - -
White label - -
Templated FAQ for tenants - -
Templated Messages - - Coming soon Coming soon
Applicant Matching - - -
Permissions - - -
Create your own tenant app - - - (Call for quote)
Agents, create your own owner app - - - April 2018 (Call for quote)
Available integrations
Digital signatures
Xero connection -
Access to portals
Digital inventories
Tenant referencing
Quickbooks connection -
Live Chat -
Telephone -
Shared screens - 1 pcm Up to 3 pcm Unlimited
Relationship manager - - -
Add on services
Import data -
Map to Xero/Quickbooks -
Xero Starter package -
Additional bespoke statement -
Extra ordinary support -
On-site training -
  Try 1 month free Upgrade after trial Upgrade after trial

Pricing | Features |

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I committing to anything?

There’s no contract! Simply pay month on month for the amount of units in your account. Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time!

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a free 30 day trial of our standard package. During the trial you’ll get access to all features and help from our amazing customer service team. After the trial, you’ll be invited to select your desired package.

*If you downgrade, you will permanently loose any data associated with features from your old subscription package that are not available on your new package

What payments types are accepted?

We accept most credit card or direct debit. For high volume Enterprise customers, we can support invoicing as well.

Can I re-open an old account?

Most of the time it is possible to transfer your old data to a new account. Contact support for more information.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, at any time! If you upgrade or downgrade during the month, the new payment plan will change at the end of your current.

*If you downgrade, you will permanently loose any data associated with features from your old subscription package that are not available on your new package

Will the price for my plan ever change?

Nope! Whenever we update our pricing, all existing plans are “grandfathered”, meaning you can always stay on your existing plan and price. Only if you change plans will the new pricing apply.

*Please note, if you change from your current plan, you will not be able to revert back to the ‘grandfathered’ pricing model at a later date.

What are team members?

Team members are the people you work with: managers, letting agents, accountants. Add them to they system to make the most of Arthur. At Enterprise level, you can even determine what each member gets to see.

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