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Pricing that scales to Property Managers’ needs

Our property software and flexible pricing options mean that property managers and landlords can scale operations as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining control of your outgoings.

Flexible pricing was just what our growing business needed

Richard Purseglove, HMO Portfolio Manager

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I manage units


min spend
incl. 45 units
Price per unit: £1.05
In addition
Unlimited storage
Maintenance module
Finance module
Compliance tracking
And more...


min spend
incl. 50 units
Price per unit: £1.30
In addition
Account customisation
Online application form
Batch processes
Live chat support
And more...


min spend
£ 108.5/month
incl. 70 units
Price per unit: £1.55
In addition
User permissions
Applicant matching
Key Management
Custom Fields
And more...

All prices exclude VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I committing to anything?

There’s no contract! Simply pay month on month for the amount of units in your account. Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time!

What payments types are accepted?

We accept most credit card or direct debit. For high volume Enterprise customers, we can support invoicing as well.

I need multiple accounts, do I pay the minimum spend on all of them?

If you have properties across multiple different entities or companies that require separate bookkeeping (e.g. SPV’s), then often you will need to have multiple accounts within Arthur. If this is the case, you can link multiple accounts together and we will waive the minimum spend on the additional accounts (only on Professional and Enterprise packages)! To do this, simply contact our fantastic customer success team.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, at any time! If you upgrade or downgrade, the new payment plan will change at the end of your current subscription period.

*If you downgrade, you will permanently lose any data associated with features from your old subscription package that are not available on your new package

Will the price for my plan ever change?

Here at Arthur, we value our clients and are committed to continually improving our service offering for you.

As a result we reserve the right to update our pricing from time to time. For any pricing changes, you will be given adequate notice.

Standard Professional Enterprise
Invited users
Team members
Core Features
Units Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile (Apple/Android)
Bank Reconciliation
Applicant and Viewing management
Mail merge
Task management
Work order management
Public contractor network
Automated events and processes
Access Management
White labelled account
Custom transaction settings
Custom task types
Online applicant form
Batch remittances
Rent reviews
Message templates Coming soon Coming soon
Key Management
Custom applicant tracking
Applicant matching
Team activity tracking
Custom Fields
Suggested solutions to tenant issues
Workflow integrations
Digital signatures
Marketing portals
Credit Checks
Tenant referencing
Live Bank Feed
Analytics Dashboards
Email support
Knowledge base
Live chat
Phone call
Online tutorials £45.00+VAT 1 pcm 3 pcm