Manage all your student properties easily and effectively with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency

Student Housing

  • Improve relations with your tenants by giving them access to the necessary information about their tenancy
  • Easily and quickly handle new applications and end of tenancy agreements
  • Automated processes for keeping on top of ongoing issues
  • Get a snapshot of all the relevant details for your properties in one place

What is the Arthur property management system?

Arthur is sophisticated cloud-based property management software that allows you to maintain complete control over your student property portfolio. Everything is accessible in the same system, so you don’t have to retain separate records for tenancy agreements, rent payments, contractor visits etc.

Why use Arthur for student properties?

Managing student properties comes with its own set of issues that are unique in the property rental sector. Term-time lodging dates and student lifestyles are not necessarily the easiest things to deal with as a landlord. Which is where the Arthur management solution can really help out by making your life easier.

Keeping track of rent payments, changeover dates, outstanding property improvements and a heavy workload during peak times becomes a breeze when you have everything in one place online. Different access levels for relevant information are available to student renters, contractors, your accountant and anyone else necessary to ensure the smooth running of your property rental business.

Can I trial the software to see if it fits my circumstances?

Yes. We offer a 30 day free trial of the software – with comprehensive training in all the functionality and features – so you can try it out on your student property portfolio for yourself, without obligation or commitment.

We also have a directory of Arthur accredited advisors who are fully trained in the use of the software and how to integrate it with existing accountancy systems – so if you wish you can have an advisor configure things in exactly the right manner for your particular situation.

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