An enthusiastic and passionate management team


David Cummin

I am really passionate about Arthur, he has all the ingredients to make a great business. Marc understood the need, Rochelle understands business and I have 30 years’ experience designing, building and delivering technology to the business and consumer markets. We have the best software development, management and support teams that any business could wish for. Fate brought us together one very cold night when we found ourselves sitting together at an event. We started talking about property management issues and after a numerous drawings and a few bottles of wine, Arthur was born.


Marc Trup

I fell in to property after selling my first business in 1998 to BUPA healthcare. Focusing on residential property, we built up a portfolio in and around the London area. I wanted a system that allowed me to manage the portfolio from my iPhone, while drinking my espresso at my local coffee shop. Until Arthur there was no way to do that. Arthur was created by property managers to make our lives easier, now it’s making everyone’s.


Rochelle Trup

During my career in Investment Banking we built a residential property portfolio.  As the portfolio grew I had to get use to multi-tasking, often having to work through the night to keep up to date with all my full-time job and the property portfolio, I never had enough time during my working day to deal with everything. Arthur has been developed to make life easier. It has put me in control; instead of having to respond to phone calls when tenants, maintenance people and agents contact me, I can automate regular tasks and respond when convenient. There is no question that Arthur has changed my work-life balance and it feels so good not to have to compromise my time anymore.

Faye Cohn

Faye Cohn

I recently joined the Arthur team as Office Manager, I am responsible for keeping the office ship shape and onboarding new members of the team. I am so impressed with the ease of use of the Arthur app, it’s a great tool for managing property portfolios.

Darren Moore

I got a call from Marc, he said he had an idea and wondered whether I could help. I started to build a website, little did I know then that this would become the product it is. I believe in Arthur the business and the technology we have built. The team are recognised as the best developers in Thailand. Thanks Arthur it’s been a great ride to date. Meet the team:

  • M
  • Tan
  • Ritwan
  • Aon
  • Au
  • Jesse
  • Pond
  • Pop
  • Tuck

Amit Thakrar

I joined the Arthur team after a random phone call from Marc one rainy evening and haven’t looked back since! For the past few years I’ve taken care of Arthurs front end design and development, UI/UX of the web and mobile apps as well as advising on various Marketing and SEO strategies. I also recently started my own property portfolio and have come to realise how useful a tool Arthur actually is. I dread to think what a chore it is to manage properties, tenants and contractors the “normal” way! So now I have satisfied tenants and more time on my hands to work with an awesome results driven team on what is a very powerful property management tool that no landlord should go without.


Jasmin Levy

I am part of Arthur’s Sales and Marketing team. I am in charge of maintaining Arthur’s blogs on the property market and work closely with Sophie and Rochelle to devise new sales & marketing strategies and lead generation for Arthur.

Sophie Scully

I have am part of Arthur’s Marketing team and responsible for developing PR and Marketing strategies. Additionally, I write articles for property magazines and Arthur’s blogs working closely with Jasmin. Living in student accommodation I realise the necessity of having an app to raise issues , making the process quick and efficient connecting with all parties on one single platform!

Max Milligan

I have joined Arthur’s business strategy and support team. I am involved in in the execution of Arthur’s business approaches, this includes working on business technology and customer support. I work closely with David to develop new business and technology strategies and lead generation for Arthur.

Dan Allan

I am part of Arthur’s Sales and Marketing team, answering calls, writing content and helping get you started on the system. As a tenant, I have always been acutely aware of the problems involved with trying to contact the property manager and/or the landlord, but the problem goes both ways. Talking to property managers on a daily basis, I can tell those that are using Arthur and those that aren’t purely from the amount of stress in their voice!

Jafar Tabaqchali

I am part of Arthur’s customer service team, specialising in helping those who integrate with our Accounting partners! Likelihood is, if you want to talk about numbers, you’ll talk to me! Having struggled as a tenant in student accommodation, Arthur represented an exciting opportunity to work for a company that is able to streamline the process.

Anton Yushchuk

My role in the team is Business Strategy, Finance and Support. I found the current property management method very messy and not efficient, especially experiencing this myself as a tenant. Arthur on the other hand was created so that the process of managing a property becomes easier, simple and enjoyable.

Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

Having had a variety of communication problems in my past experiences as a tenant in student properties, the Arthur app’s emphasis on ease of communication and transparency really appeals to me because it allows information regarding problems, procedures and resolutions to be shared between all parties involved. I think that having all the tenancy documents stored in one place and available at the click of a button is another added benefit for students with busy lifestyles.

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