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Applicant Viewing & Management

Managing applicants, arranging viewings and ensuring that everyone is always in the right place at the right time can be a challenge. With Arthur, you can manage the whole process seamlessly. From creating applicants automatically from incoming portals or web inquiries to managing your team to ensure everyone knows where to be and at what time, we have got you covered.

The applicant form has saved countless hours that would have been spent on data entry and chasing information.

Richard Purseglove Owner, Purseglove Property

Our screening process is not only much faster, we’ve been able to more easily identify high quality tenants.

Applicant Forms

Professionalize and streamline applicant management

  • Collect important information from prospective tenants using bespoke online forms
  • Professional and enterprise level users will have access to pre-made comprehensive applicant forms
  • Forms can be further customised with colours and company logo
  • Make fields mandatory, meaning applicants cannot submit forms without first providing the related information
  • Have your enquiries automatically create your applicants from portals, websites and forms

Key Benefits

Keeping all details of the application process in one place

Save valuable time

Significantly reduce time taken gathering tenant information

Focus on what matters

Collect information that is relevant to you

Speed up processes

Speed up the screening process without compromising on quality

Organise Viewings

Arthur’s “viewing” feature makes managing viewings much simpler. This feature can be combined with Arthur’s “automated events” feature which will notify relevant parties to carry out the viewing.

Sending automated text messages via Arthur has completely changed how we carry out viewings;

Jonathan Hirschfield Director, AH Field

We can now effectively update tenants on property locations and times.

Key Benefits

Simplifying the viewing process

Send reminders

Send notifications to applicants with information on upcoming viewings

Keep everyone informed

Notify the current tenants in the property of the viewing

Arrange group viewings

Book group viewings for more than one tenant at a time

Assign viewings

Ensure Property Managers are aware of viewings assigned to them


Send viewing confirmations to prospective tenants via SMS

Credit Check Applications

Ensure that your tenants are the right tenants for your property

  • Use Arthur’s integrated credit check tool to screen applicants
  • All checks are carried out by CallCredit, the market leaders in helping you choose the best tenants.
  • Credit checks help you choose the right tenants