New discounted prices for Advanced Tenant Referencing!

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024

We are now introducing discounted rates for Arthur’s new add-on service, Advanced Tenant Referencing, exclusive to our users.

As you may have already heard, we recently formed a new partnership with Advanced Tenant Referencing, a provider of high-quality, industry leading references. This service has proved very successful and, as a result, we have managed to negotiate an even larger discount for our customers.

The new pricing is as follows:

Standard £18.99

Professional £16.99

Enterprise £14.99

(Prices are according to Arthur subscription levels and are exclusive of VAT)


In our mission to provide our customers with centralised property management software, we have introduced this service to allow you to send out for a reference directly within the software, removing any need for the double. Through Arthur you can access all that you need to manage your properties and tenancies.


With a click of a button you can send all the necessary information to Advanced Tenant Referencing, which can then be tracked in Arthur and through email updates. Our tracking system allows you to easily track the progress of the reference, making the management of your properties both cheaper and more efficient. For Professional and Enterprise users, you can even ask the applicant to fill in your Tenant Application Form, so you don’t have to enter any information!


Knowing who exactly is moving into your property can prevent a lot of issues arising later on and ensures that your prospective tenants are going to be suitable for both you and your property. Advanced Tenant Referencing supplies all the necessary information to ensure the tenant is a right fit for you.


An Advanced Tenant Referencing reference includes: 6 year credit history, address verification and link addressed summary, employment and income verification, landlord reference and verification, gauge credit score, affordability analysis and guarantor validation and suitability check. Their results are accepted and approved by DAS, Europe’s leading Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses insurance provider. Click Here for a step by step guide on how to get a tenant reference and track its progress.


At Arthur Online, we value our users experience and we work hard to take on the best deals for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions. You can catch us on the Live chat, Email, any of the social media platforms and/or by phone.

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024


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