New student accommodation sector announcements this November!

Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024

Arthur takes a look at a couple of new student accommodation news stories announced this month!

Brookfield launches their new student accommodation developments under new ”Student Roost” brand name

Student Roost, which is based in Birmingham is planning to be the 4th biggest student accommodation provider in the UK within the next 3 years. Over the last 4 years Student Roost have accumulated 28 properties worth £1bn, housing more than 11,000 students.  Tim Butler, Chief Executive of Student Roost said, ”We saw the opportunity to offer a more inspirational customer- led and focused approach to deliver fantastic student welfare and experience in a safe, secure environment and make it a genuine home away from home.”  He said there is scope to improve the management even though most of the buildings they had acquired were operated capably by third party providers.

A new booking website is being launched and the new branding will be rolling out across the portfolio.  Their Hollis Croft build in Sheffield offers students a cinema, theatres, student rooms  and recreational areas which are ways the developments are improved.

University Cribs expansion into Scotland

The launch is planned for January 2018 with an expanded rental platform to include properties in Scotland, where Glasgow and Edinburgh will be it’s first two locations.

They are using virtual technology so international students will be able to view accommodation online without having to travel in advance.  They will also be carrying out innovation from offices in Scotland testing services such as household billing and entertainment services offered directly through its platform.

Jack Jenkins, co founder of University Cribs, said : ”Expanding to Scotland is the logical next step for University Cribs.  We have enjoyed great success finding homes for students across England and Wales for this academic year, but now it is time to extend our reach to Scotland’s large student population.”

Recent reports by Savills showed Glasgow along with Aberdeen ranking in the top 5 cities for student housing development because of it’s high demand and increasing rental income growth.

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Arthur Online

By Arthur Online

22 April 2024


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