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High demand for accommodation from international students

Student Housing September 18th, 2018
High demand for accommodation from international students

Arthur investigates the types of accommodation international students demand and the reason behind it

Every year, students from across the globe come to the U.K. to attend university. As the number of international students coming to the UK increases, the number of student accommodation properties catered towards these students has also grown.

You may wonder, what’s the difference between accommodation for local students and accommodation for international students? Arthur is here to investigate.

There are similarities between international student accommodation properties in the UK, mostly related to cost. Some of the most expensive student accommodation in the UK are targeted towards international students, often providing ensuite bathrooms, demister mirrors and access to communal cinemas and gyms. In comparison, many local students tend to opt for accommodation that satisfies basic needs and fits within their budget, which is often limited. The reason for this comes back to the fact that in the UK the government will loan every student enough to cover their tuition fees and basic living expenses. In comparison, international students outside the EU, do not benefit from similar support. This means that international students who are not on a scholarship, can afford to pay the higher tuition fees and travel far, and are therefore likely to come from affluent backgrounds.

Most international student accommodation is based in London, where there is the highest concentration of international students. In London South Bank, Paris Gardens is a luxury accommodation providing stylish rooms for students of one of the many Universities in London.  Students get to choose between a one, two or three bed apartment including a rooftop penthouse. At around £400 per week (depending on room type) the facilities available include a fitness suite, laundry room, tennis courts, bike storage, lounge and terrace. This accommodation had 74% international students in 2017, a similar percentage is expected in 2018.

International students also tend to opt for halls which have other international students. As international students want to live with like-minded students or even students from their home country. Hence, once any student accommodation advertises itself as having many international students it becomes self-fulfilling, and the number of their international students tend to increase.

As we all know, students are extremely tech friendly and such technology encourages them into communicating with you better; helping you manage all your student properties easily and effectively with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

Here at Arthur Online we offer that cloud based solution. We will provide you with an online platform that helps you maintain complete control over your student property portfolio. Everything is accessible in the same system, so you don’t have to retain separate records for tenancy agreements, rent payments, contractor visits etc. Your tenants can track any raised issues, through the  free mobile apps we offer, while you can connect them to a suitable contractor which will hold their own free app.

Wherever your student accommodation is developed, the Arthur student property management software can help you manage all your properties in a simple cloud-based system.

Why not give Arthur a try?


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