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Why you should look into luxury student accommodation

Student Housing November 1st, 2017
Why you should look into luxury student accommodation

Arthur takes a look specifically into the luxury student accommodation market in the UK, which has seen a rise in new brands including Iconinc, Collegiate, Urbanest and Edge.

There has been an increase in demand for luxury student accommodation consisting of studios and en-suite  clusters.  However, these come with a hefty price tag and can cost up to £2,000 a month.  The National Union of Students (NUS) latest research shows that luxury student accommodation has grown rapidly in recent years, with rents rising by 80% over the last 10 years within this specific market.  The superior studio consisting of a kitchen, study area and ensuite bedroom in the London Liberty Plaza pay approx. £1,520 a month and was sold out the month before the academic 2017/2018 year.

The majority have luxury additions including swimming pools/sauna & steam rooms, fitness suites with the option to have a personal trainer!


”Britain’s most luxury student digs…more akin to a boutique hotel”, according to the Daily Mail.  This brand has won numerous awards and is in the process of expansion.  Iconinc are winners of YRPA 2016, Interior Design Concept Awards and the Yorkshire residential property awards 2016. Iconinc are currently based and have developments across Leeds and Liverpool with plans for expansion into areas such as Lincoln, to meet demand for this standard of accommodation.  This luxury dig could be for you if you would like access to a pantry, private cinema and free breakfast!


Collegiate has developed luxury student accommodation across the UK and includes two luxury student developments in London.  One is situated in South London and one in North East London both with a starting cost of approximately £255 a week.  This accommodation has en-suite and studio packages offering a weekly clean along with top quality features consisting of  luxury shower room, kitchen and dining facilities.


Urbanest develop luxury student accommodation and currently have 5 sites across central London.  These are designed to suit different individual needs, whether the tenant would like a shared flat in Shoreditch, a duplex with views of Big Ben or a twin room next to their university! These developments are in prestigious locations and have exceptionally high quality specification.  These rooms have double insulated walls, luxury memory foam mattresses and under-floor heating with many other deluxe features!

Keep a look out for Arthur’s blogs for all the latest property news!

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