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Salford Crescent master-plan revealed!

Student Housing August 8th, 2018
Salford Crescent master-plan revealed!

Arthur investigates the new development plans for Salford Crescent, part of a larger £800m investment proposal to create a new city district in Salford.

The Salford Crescent masterplan is still at the early stages of consultations and still needs backers to become reality. The masterplan has been drawn up by 5plus Architects and is a joint project by Salford City Council and the University of Salford with the aim of reviving the city’s learning quarter and create a new city district.

The plan will involve the demolition of old industrial buildings in favour of new and improved high-quality facilities and modern housing options. The council has confirmed that listed buildings such as The Old Fire Station, Joule House, Salford Museum and Art Gallery, and the Working Class Movement Library, will be preserved during the construction process.

A key theme of the plans is to radical improve the public realm, by bringing together five different development zones and establishing strong physical links with the surrounding communities, with new walking and cycling routes connecting through the campus to the green assets of The Meadow and Peek Park.

The Adelphi and The Crescent areas will be developed with private sector partners and details will be issued in early autumn with a view to appointment of a partner, in Spring 2019.

The Adelphi development zone is visualised as a new family townhouse with gardens. The plans propose new apartment buildings and the conversion of Adelphi House to residential, alongside two new primary schools to serve the growing population.

The Crescent development area proposes the implementation of a new residential district with shops, cafes and restaurants, streets, squares and avenue apartments.

Peel Park proposes the development of three new high-quality buildings for The School of the Built Environment, The Salford Business School and a new Digital Learning Centre. There is also the potential for further expansion on a landmark plot behind the Peel Building and proposals for 700 new student accommodation flats. There would also be new improved and extended sports facilities, a conference centre and hotel, and new food and drink around the Old Fire Station.

Finally, The Health Village Development Zone proposes new health, science and teaching facilities, while an Innovation District will provide “incubation and enterprise space” for businesses.

There is no doubt that Salford will present an exciting investment opportunity as a world class place to live, learn and visit with a university at its heart.

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