Effectively manage your social housing properties with comprehensive property management software

Social housing

  • Provide security and transparency for your social housing tenants, giving them access to relevant information through the system
  • Automate the process of tracking universal credit payments
  • keep on top of changing regulations with fully-compliant software updates
  • See an overview of the current situation with a quick glance at the login dashboard

What is the Arthur property management system?

Arthur is a comprehensive and sophisticated property management solution – yet easy to use and inexpensive in comparison with other more unwieldy systems. You’ll find everything you need in the same place, so all you have to do is login to the cloud-based software – meaning you can access it anywhere, should you wish to – in order to see the current situation with your social housing tenants and properties.

Why use Arthur for social housing property management?

When dealing with social housing tenants, there are a range of unique issues that are not present in other types of property rental. Receiving universal credit payments and dealing with local or central government come with their own set of processes and procedures that can easily trip you up if you’re not careful.

The Arthur system is designed to work effectively and efficiently alongside the – often complex – rules and regulations that are attached to being a social housing landlord. Allowing you to keep control over the important things and keep an eye on the overall picture, while Arthur looks after things for you day to day.

We are delighted to have Community Housing Cymru as a partner and honoured to be their official supplier of property management software. Arthur Online helps CHC associations save time and money with a seamless approach to property management.

Can I trial the software to see if I like it?

We offer a 30 day trial of the Arthur property management software. This comes with easy to understand training and gives you all the features of the full system, without any obligation to upgrade to the paid service. So you can try it out for yourself and see if it works for you.

We also have a list of Arthur accredited advisors who can help you setup and configure the system exactly as you wish. These are generally accountants, bookkeepers or virtual managers who can also integrate the Arthur management software with a standard accounting system.

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