A digital platform enabling landlords and property professionals to manage their properties on the go

  • A suite of functionally rich mobile apps*
  • An interactive platform for property managers to connect with users*
  • Unique algorithm and workflows that automate tasks and communications
  • Integration with add-ons e.g. Integration with Xero and Arthur

*Users include tenants, contractors, agents & owners

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What is Arthur?

A property management platform that is different from other software applications on the market.

Built by property professionals for property managers and landlords, Arthur has been innovated to be a multi-user platform accessible via the web and on mobile devices, for the management team, tenants, contractors, agents and owners.


Arthur can be accessed on all platforms using Wi-Fi/3G/4G. You can work wherever, whenever.

Property Manager Software Dashboard

Access our suite of apps, making managing tenancies more efficient

Property Manager

Keep track while on-the-go


Arthur's unique dashboard will give you an up-to-date snapshot of what is going on in your portfolio.


Have control over who sees what in your management team.

Automate your tasks and communications

Get Arthur to carry out your day-to-day tasks and communications. Arthur is a lifestyle app designed to make your life easier.

Global dashboard

For multiple Arthur accounts, Arthur has a global dashboard allowing you to switch from one account to another.

White Label

Add your own logo and colours to appear on your tenants' accounts.

Property Manager Mobile App


It enables your tenants


Access to all aspects of their tenancy including documentation and rental statements.

Peace of mind

The ability to track the progress of a raised issue.

Share documents

Share important files with the property manager.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Tenants Mobile App


Everything needed to get the job done


Ability to track the workorder to completion.


The ability to generate quotes and issue invoices.

Share documents

Access and upload documents.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Contractors Mobile App


A viewing gallery for peace of mind

Shared documents

Access and upload documents.

Approve quotes

Easy approval of quotes.

Track workorders

Viewing the progress of an issue.

View statements

Access to online statements.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Property Owners Mobile App

Letting Agents

It enables your agents

Shared documents

Access and upload documents.

Share viewings

Keep any interested parties informed about the viewings.

Mail Merge

Mail merge with property manager’s tenancy agreements.


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Letting Agents Mobile App

Manage Your Properties Using Arthur's Groundbreaking Functionality

Multi-user Interface

A platform that enables your user groups to share and input data, making this a very efficient and effective application.


Trackable work flow for all user groups invested in the problem ensuring everyone is kept up-to-date.


Property managers and their letting agents can add viewings. All interested parties can be automatically notified of a viewing.

Document Management

Easy access of shared documents uploaded onto the platform for all recipients.

Financials & Reporting

Complementing Arthur’s financial modules, Arthur also offers integration with market leading accounting software.

Audit Trail

An interactive platform that means everything is audited and archived for future reference.


An integrated messaging system ensuring all relevant parties are kept informed, and up-to-date.

Automated Tasks and Communications

Tasks and communications can be carried out without management intervention with Arthur's algorithm.

Property Management Software
Like Never Before

No other product offers so much for so little

Price per unit
*unit defined as the element that contains the tenancy

  • No set up fee
  • No long term contract
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited support
  • Free apps for all users
  • Free document storage
  • Automatic software updates
  • Upgrade any time - as many units as necessary
Plus lots of other great features.

Enter no of units    

Pay As You Go

  • £15.00
  • + VAT per month
  • Price per unit: £1.50

Set up multiple accounts from Arthur's unique global dashboard

Property managers, Accountants and Book keepers with property clients can easily switch between multiple accounts.

  • Creating a new account could not be easier
  • White label each portfolio
  • Arthur will aggregate and apply the cheapest price across the portfolio`s
  • Separate link to Xero for each portfolio

Accountants and Book keepers with Xero clients will find the global switch and aggregator pricing model a useful addition to their client offering.

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Arthur Property Management Global Switch

Let technology offer an alternative to traditional management

Arthur Virtual Property Manager
  • Run multiple Landlord accounts from one global screen
  • Provide Landlords with 100% visibility and access from anywhere with Arthur's mobile app
  • Reduce the number of people required to manage with this unique integrated platform
  • Increase revenue and profitability with good technology

With great technology comes new opportunities. With Arthur, traditional agencies can now compete with those on-line agencies offering management.

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Arthur Property Management App + Xero Finance
Arthur integrated with Xero

Arthur Property Management is now integrated with Xero

The integration is a ‘best of breed’ approach to ensure powerful and comprehensive accounting combined with exceptional property management functions right from your mobile app through to the back office allowing you to produce powerful financial reports and forecasting. The online bank feed function in Xero empowers you to get from the bank statement to the property owner statement, effortlessly, accurately and quickly.

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