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Arthur Continue to Receive Ace Reviews!

Arthur News May 20th, 2016
Arthur Continue to Receive Ace Reviews!

Arthur pride ourself on providing a premium customer service for no extra cost. Our reviews continue to reflect Arthur’s high standards.

Have a look at some of recent reviews to see our commitment to customers. Please add reviews if you have anything positive or negative to say – it will only help us continue to provide high levels of customer service!

Just recently, Nigel Crowe, wrote a wonderful review of our service. Please feel free to read it here:

“I own a letting agency dealing with all the aspects of managed properties and landlords for whom I provide a tenant find service only. I wish Arthur had been available when I started 6 years ago.

The plus sides: Easy communication with Landlords, Tenants and Contractors. All aspects of the tenancy are covered from viewing through to offers,referencing,check in,financials, inspections, tenancy renewals, certificates, document management, tenancy check out and maintenance issues.

The feedback from tenants has been excellent – they love having an app and having the transparency of rent statements and knowing what is happening with maintenance issues which they have not always experienced with other agents/landlords in the past. All of their tenancy documents are uploaded to the system and are available for them online. We tell prospective tenants about Arthur when we conduct viewings and we always get a really positive response.

In truth we have had less feedback from the Landlords who have generally only needed to communicate over maintenance issues, which has been fine.

Contractors – we do have some contractors who still live in the dark ages who just want to be told where to go, who to see and what to do. (We even still pay one or two by cheque!) For them Arthur is not something they want or will engage with. We have overcome that by creating our own ‘Contractor’ to whom we allocate the jobs they do so we can still manage maintenance issues. Generally though this side works really well too.

The occasional bug or issue has been resolved really quickly and hasn’t actually caused us any problems, so great support from the team at Arthur too!

The initial training webinar with Marc was excellent, easy to learn and well presented. No question from me or my team was a silly one and it was well presented. It wasn’t ‘selling’ either, it was straight-forward enthusiasm and belief in the product, which is really refreshing.

We have not yet integrated with Xero so can’t comment on that. The only reason we haven’t is because we are using a different system. We will in due course when the timing is right. Having said that the financial side we are currently using is simple enough and works for us, but we will integrate with Xero to streamline our processes further.

One of the big pluses is being able to archive our ‘Let Only’ properties once we have found tenants for the client. Once archived we don’t get charged for them! It keeps the system tidy

All in all we are very happy. I have recommended this to our ‘Let Only’ Landlords as being an excellent and cost-effective system for them to manage their properties.

From an agency point of view we believe we have the best system we have used since starting out in 2010. (This is the third system – the first was binned after a month).

If you are a landlord with one property, a landlord with a portfolio or a letting agent, it matters not – have a look at this and talk to Marc.

Nigel Crowe
Crowe Property Agency

Another recent review also showed our commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and customer service:

“It is an extremely easy and efficient system to use. The Team behind it is always very helpful and they are improving the product constantly.
User friendly and time saving, helps you to stay on top of any issues or updates that you need to deal with. Very helpful dashboard that gives you a full overview.
It is highly recommended!!!

Tanya Miteva”

Finally, our most recent review from Joan showed our commitment to professionalism and service provision:

“As a landlord by using Arthur you up the level of your services and professionalism. You save time and are able to respond quickly. It keeps a great record of all issues relating to a tenancy cutting out the “he said / she said” issue in the event of disputes.

Most of all, when you work with Arthur, the support goes way beyond expectations.

Highly recommended.


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